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From: David L Grubbs <>
Subject: The J. W. Weber Record - Allegheny Co. PA Grub (Grubbs) Births &Baptisms
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 13:03:37 -0400

The J. W. Weber Record
excerpt transcribed with comments by
David Lee Grubbs (a.k.a. Stonefeather)

While researching my wife’s Westmoreland Co. PA Swaney forebears at
the Pennsylvania Room of the Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library (237
South Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg PA 15601), I discovered a source of
information on the Allegheny County Grubbses that I was previously
unfamiliar with. Since Greensburg is the county seat of Westmoreland
(the county to the immediate east of Allegheny), the find was a lucky one.
The Pennsylvania Room includes in its collection a number of
one-of-a-kind books. Two of these are typewritten transcripts, now
bound, made in the 1960s by Mrs. Della Reagan Fischer of McKeesport PA,
of the birth and baptismal records made by Rev. John William Weber
between the years 1782 and 1815. Though a resident of Westmoreland Co.,
he traveled to Pittsburgh for a good part of that period, as described
in an “Extract from the Church Record of John William Weber,” included
at the beginning of both volumes:

I, JOHN WILLIAM WEBER, a member of the honorable American Synod
of the Evangelical Reformed Congregation and Religion, and a member
of the First Reformed Church, was the first High German Pastor to
live in Westmoreland County, Pa., and came here at the beginning of
June, in the year of Our Lord 1782. I first served four (4)
congregations: 1 in Pittsburgh, 2 in Hempfield Township, Brush Creek
and Herold’s Churches, and 1 congregation in Mount Pleasant
Township. Since there was no other Pastor Speaking High German, I
visited all the German congregations in the Counties of Allegheny,
Westmoreland, Washington and Fayette, I have administered the Holy
Communion to the Reformed members, confirmed the young and baptized
the children; the children whom I have baptized are all written down
in this book.
Further, I order that this book which I have bought for myself,
after my death shall be transferred to the city of Greensburg, and
the same should be continued, so that everyone recorded in this book
may find out about the names, parents and birthdays, when they make

The first of these volumes, Births and Baptisms 1784-1815, dated
1965, includes information “copied from index cards found in the
Library, Greensburg, Pennsylvania” according to the title page. Despite
its title, it contains only birth dates, and only a few names of
baptismal sponsors; it also does not cover the years 1782 and 1783. The
second volume, Births and Baptisms 1782-1815, dated 1966, was “compiled
from the translated copy of the original book of German Records,” and is
in every way more complete, including both birth and baptism dates for
each child, along with the sponsors’ names for many. Both volumes are
arranged alphabetically by surname in a table format that makes the
information easily accessible. I give here the 1966 version (p. 70-1),
except for the “Page”column, which is from the 1965 edition (p. 69-70),
which “indicates the page number of the translated copy.” At three
places an asterisk indicates a discrepancy with the reading of the 1965
volume, where a year of birth “1794” occurs instead of “1795” in the
1966 edition.
The original German book is said to be in the custody of the United
Church of Christ, formerly known as the first Reformed Church, 314 South
Maple Ave., Greensburg PA 15601.

Birth &
Child’s name Bapt. Parents Sponsors Page

Elizabeth 10--2-1794 Andrew Grub Elizabeth Grub 65
5-12-1795 Anna Maria gr-mother

John 2-16-1791 Conrad Grub John Grub 49
3-22-1791 Margaretta Susanna

Andrew 3-11-1793 Conrad Grub Jacob Grub 60
5-26-1793 Margaretta Helena

Elizabeth 3-17-1795* Conrad Grub Elizabeth Grub 65
5-12-1795 Margaretta gr-mother

David 11-28-1808 Conrad Grub Philip Zerbe 155
4-10-1811 Margaretta

Marianna 2-26-1811 Conrad Grub 155
4-10-1811 Margaretta

George 2-26-1810 George Grub John Hirsch 155
4-10-1811 Magdalena Catherina

Anna Barbara 11-20-1791 Jacob Grub 54
4-29-1792 Helena

Jacob 4--4-1795* Jacob Grub 65
5-12-1795 Helena

John 3-14-1791 John Grub 49
3-22-1791 Susanna

Andrew 3-29-1793 John Grub 60
5-26-1793 Susanna

David 4-28-1795* John Grub 65
5-12-1795 Susanna

Abraham 6--9-1797 John Grub 76
11--2-1797 Susanna

Maria Anna 10-29-1809 John Grub 161
10--6-1811 Susanna

Hanna 10-11-1792 Philip Grub John Weis 60
5-26-1793 Elizabeth Catherina

Jacob 5--4-1794 Philip Grub Jacob Grub 65
5-12-1795 Elizabeth Helena

This information confirms the name of Elizabeth (Koch) Grub as the
name of the matriarch of the Allegheny Co. Grubbses (who at this period
appear to still be using the spelling Grub, despite the Groobs form seen
in the 1790 Census). She appears as the sponsor of two of the five Grub
children baptized on 12 May 1795, both of whom bear her name. It seems
likely that her husband, Jacob, was either dead or otherwise
incapacitated and not in attendance that day, since he would certainly
have sponsored the two Jacobs baptized that same day. This fits in well
with Jerry Butt’s information posted on the FamilySearch website, where
Jacob is said to have died “by 1794.”
This record also confirms the names of the six Grub sons of that
first generation, and those of their wives. The birth and marriage years
and locations given for these by Butt appear to be conjectural estimates.
In order of age: John’s children are here as entered by Butt,
except that Maria Anna is listed by him as Mary Ann, and he includes
also the twins born in Lancaster PA, which of course are not listed
here; all birth and baptism dates given here are included by him and
agree exactly.
Of Conrad’s eleven children as listed by Butt, five only are given
here, with birth and baptism dates in agreement. Of the six omitted, the
youngest two, George and Wible, were born after 1815. None of the
remaining four are given anything other than a conjectural year of
birth, and since two of them, Catherine and Sarah, come in sequence
between David and Marianna, who were baptized on the same day, it is
likely they died in infancy; this is possibly the case too with
Charlotte (born ca. 1807), but William (born ca. 1794), is reported in
John Newton Boucher’s A century and a half of Pittsburg and her people
(Lewis Publishing Company, New York 1908, Vol. 3, p. 248) to have
reached adulthood, become a carpenter, sired at least one son, and
emigrated to Salem, Oregon, with his brothers John and David.
The one child of Andrew given here, Elizabeth, is given by Butt
with the correct birth date but no date of baptism. Butt also lists a
second wife, Rose, of Indiana Twp., by whom he had a son James, born in
1809. This may be a confusion with a completely distinct Andrew Grubbs,
of about the same age as our own but who was born in Germany, married a
Rhoda Powell, lived in Indiana Twp. and had a grandson named James.
Additionally, if our Andrew was still a member of the Reformed church in
Allegheny Co., James would have been the right age to be baptized by
Rev. Weber during his 10 April 1811 visit along with Conrad’s children
David and Marianna.
The information given for the family of Jacob agrees exactly with
Butt, as does that of Philip, with the exception of the date of baptism
given by Butt for Philip’s son Jacob, which he mistakenly has as 12 May
1794 instead of 1795.
As for George, only his (probably) eldest son George is given by
Weber, with dates in agreement with Butt. Other information I possess
indicates there was another son not known to Butt, either before or
after George, named John, and a daughter Eva, or Eve, who Butt says was
born “about 1812,” in addition to sons Andrew and William and a possible
daughter Martha A.(Deer), born well after 1815.
It may well be that while Rev. Weber continued to minister to the
Reformed churches of Westmoreland Co. until 1815, Allegheny Co. acquired
a pastor of its own sometime after the 10 April 1811 baptisms.

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