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From: "Autumn L. Kruer" <>
Subject: Re: [GREGORY-ISAAC-WV] DNA testing results
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 09:00:16 -0400
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If you're a male Gregory in surname who descends from Isaac, your Y sequence
DNA from that line will have Isaac's Y markers. I posted to Donald and I'll
share with the group the info below. Remember, the line has to be Gregory
from male-to-male for the Y sequence to test correctly. Kathleen asked
this question yesterday, and her father's DNA would show the Y sequence of
Lynch, not Gregory, regardless of the Gregory bloodlines.

You can order from either:

My advice is go 25-marker or higher. We're matching on the 12-marker
within 1 marker on 4 McGregors and 1 MacAdams on Clan MacGregor's study;
both surnames with ties to Perthshire in west-Central Scotland. But
remember, the 12-marker is more ancient-based. It's when we get to the
25-marker and get closer in generations where we seem to be drawing a blank
on 0-1 "positive related." We definitely need several Isaac descendants to


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