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GREENWOOD-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 27

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#1 William GREENWOOD [ (Benwick)]
#2 Name on site. []
#3 Re: Greenwood/Boisvert [Gene Greenwood <]


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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:42:35 -0800
From: (Benwick)
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Subject: William GREENWOOD
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I have just found the Greenwood name in my family research.
(daughter)Amelia GREENWOOD b. April 26, 1812 in Calverley, West Yorkshire
m. Dec 25, 1834 Calverley. WRY
to William Marshall KEIR(b. May 28,1803,
Addingham WRY)
They must have left for America shortly after as one son was born in the US.
William Marshall KEIR (2) B. Dec 15,
he eventually goes to Ontario

Does anyone know anything about this William GREENWOOD or where he might be
Thanks for any help.


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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 19:07:28 -0600
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Subject: Name on site.
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Please change my old e-mail from to
. Thank you.


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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 22:02:10 -0800
From: Gene Greenwood <>
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Subject: Re: Greenwood/Boisvert
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I'm jsut getting into this and here's what I know about my branch (from my
uncle and dad, Gene Sr.):

>John Boisvert immigrated from Canada sometime in early 1800s,
changed his name to Greenwood and ended up in Paw Paw Michigan.
He Fathered Frank Greenwood (& others ?).
>Frank married Milly Limburner and fathered Gerald (+ Madoline) in Stamps
ARK. in 1897.
Frank moved around a lot scouting for lumber mill sites.
>Gerald married Monita Scilling in Dunningville Mich and fathered
Gene Sr., Jack & Dorthy.
>Gene Sr. married Evelyn Hinman in Fla. in '45, fathered me and moved to
He remarried Jean McMeans and fathered my half bro. John Harvey of Culver
City Cal.
>I'm Gene Jr. (of this I am sure)

What I don't know:
>How long Frank was in Stamps.
>If John has a background in Stamps.
>Frank's siblings.
>John's wife.


> Gene, and other Greenwood researchers. My Thomas Greenwood of 1815 Ark.
> Territory, we have also theorized to be a probable or possible Boisvert
> translated to Greenwood candidate. His son listed "Canada" as the
> birthplace of both Father and Mother in the 1880 Arkansas census report.
> In following up that possibility, I ended up corresponding with an
> elderly Greenwood lady living in NE Arkansas. This is the story that
> widow shared with me, and sent me her deceased husbands records, saying
> she had no use for them, as they had no children. I have those old
> records now (a few documents) the story is this:
> Her husband was a secret service agent to the president back in the
> 1940's and the government and secret service, had to trace his
> background for his security pass. She said that these papers and
> history of her husbands ancestors (parents, grandparents) was searched
> out by them, and previously unknown to her husband. They told him his
> familys name had always been Boisvert and that they changed it when they
> moved over from Canada to Greenwood...same name in French.
> QUOTE from her letter to me:
> Sorry I have been so long about getting back with you. About the
> Greenwoods. The father came to the states about 1900 (from Canada),
> changed his name BOISVERT which means Greenwood. He was the father of 19
> children, was married three times. His name was Julius H. or J.
> Greenwood and was a knife maker. Later known as True Temper Hardware.
> He married Elizabeth Barlett ** of West Rutland, Vt. They had three
> children, Henry the oldest, Lorena and Lawrence Edmund, (my husband) at
> the time of Lawrence's birth, they lived in Highgate, Vt. I don't have a
> birthdate of either mother or father. Henry married and had one
> daughter. His wifes name was Mary. Her address is (will omit), phone
> (will omit) I don't know if she is still living or not. I had surgery
> last fall and seems I can't get over it.
> Most of them spoke french and couldn't speak or understand English.
> Lawrence and I had one child (stillborn) . He(Lawrence) died in 1973,
> Elizabeth Batlett was the last of the three wives of Julius (Bosvert)
> Greenwood. My husband was nine years old when both of them died, was
> buried at the same time. Highgate is the county of Franklin. Maybe Mary
> can help you, I didn't make a copy of this information. Its so hot here
> and I don't feel well. But if I can be of farther help. Just write me.
> Sincerely
> (omit)------ Greenwood
> She gave me the records that transpired in 1967 between Lawrence
> Greenwood and the Town Clerk's Ofice in Highgate. They said they
> found no record of his birth in the index, but, did find record of
> a son being born to his parents on august 26, 1916.
> That the probate court could send him papers to fill out and they could
> correct his mother's name to Elizabeth**. And whatever the correct
> spelling was of his last name. She found the records in a book of
> misc. certificates from 1884-1922. Page 24.
> Some very interesting stuff...this Greenwood lady I talked to and
> corresponded with, wanted to give me ALL of his papers, and preceded
> to try to find them, however didn't find the others and sent me this
> correspondence with the Clerk's office in 1967.....and she(his wife)
> said Boisvert was pronounced "Bovaae".
> In the 1790's census of Arkansas Post, A french and Quapaw settlement,
> there were Bauvais and Bousous, I always think it is a good
> track to follow on my Lewis/Louis Greenwood
> Faye in Texas

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