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Subject: Re: [GERMANNA] Land Deed from Tobias to John Wilhoit
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:18:50 -0500

In reply to query in GERMANNA_COLONIES Digest, Vol 2,
Issue 366 re subject ("Who is John Crittendon?"), if this could
possibly be John (Jordan) Crittenden, the latter was born in
1786 in Woodford County, KY to John and Judith Crittenden.
John Jordan Crittenden served in the State House six
consecutive terms; was elected to a vacancy in the US Senate;
served additional various terms in the US Senate, was U. S.
Attorney General briefly under two presidents, was also (briefly)
governor of Kentucky; authored the "Crittenden Compromise"
as a way to alleviate sectional conflict.
While not in Owen County, a John Crittenden (probably
the father of John Jordan Crittenden) did receive a 10,000 acre
grant in December 1788 (before statehood) in Fayette County,
the watercourse being Severn Creek and Kentucky River.
Owen County was formed in 1819,
from Scott, Gallatin, Pendleton, and Franklin Counties, NOT
from Fayette; however, Fayette covered a large part of Kentucky
before statehood. (I did not trace the county formation to
see if this 10,000 acres was in fact the 10,000 acres you
are concerned with.)
This is probably more than you wanted to know about
the John Crittenden(s), and your man may not be the illustrious
John Jordan Crittenden, said to be the best educated of the
early KY governors, but could possibly be his father.
Anne Rodick

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