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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 18:21:53 -0500

Charles-heres the article, Do you know what area of Germany or Austria
Gronberg in Silesia would be? Is it now in Poland? I can't find Gronberg on
the map. Hope this helps someone. I would like to know if my Schoenknechts
connect with these. Any ideas? Maybe you can see something I don't.
The Schonknecht's

The City of Gronberg in Silesia has at its disposal important genealogical
material. The evangelic church records date from 1741. Catholic parish
records date from the middle of the 17th century. Older records are found
among others in the city records of Gronberg which go back to 1617. The
oldest records for Gronberg are found in the state's
archives in Breslau and cover the period from 1547 to 1589.
From the first mention in 1548 the name "Schonknecht" occurs regularly in
Gronberg. Moreover, it is evident from the entries in the oldest city
records that the family had been already settled in the city. The name
Schonknecht was next to Steinachs family name as an old family of bakers,
the oldest after the Schirmer's.
The continuity for the time being is missing as the church records of the
ancestral dates is not continuous. Proof is difficult. The affinity of the
individuals is only rarely noted in the oldest documents. Earlier than 1741
official acts/records of the evangelic church were forbidden in Gronberg.
Most undertook to withdraw over the Gronberg border to Luthern controlled
areas. Moreover, in 1741/42 just prior to the occupation of Silesia, large
quantities of archival materials were removed to Vienna and Prague. This
made them at the time inaccessible. (Chief ? archivist of Gronberg, Dr.
Hugo Schmidt)
Until now it was not possible to name, based on the oldest city records
from 1548, who claimed to be the direct ancestor of the Schonknecht's.
Other documents valid, the oldest Lutheran burial records dating from
1600 to 1602 list George, martin (twice) Hans, Samuel and David.
Through the entire 16th century there were Schonknecht bakers. This changed
at the beginning of the 17th century. For a period the name Schonknecht was
associated with the clothing business.
The last named baker was Adam, who became manager in 1625. He doesn't
appear to be a direct ancestor. He is kin and identified as mayor Adam
Schonknecht. He was elected twice as mayor. The last in 1640. This was
during the 30-years's War. He had to go into exile due to his being an
Ancestors and Clothiers! One finds Martin Schonknecht from 1634, Sigmund
from 1677 and Balthasar at about 1697.The family enjoyed the respect which
comes with being an old middle-class family. During their long residence
they had attained prosperous circumstances.
After an interruption of 3 generations came Jeremiah Schonknecht, who was
born in 1691. He was a citizen, baker and brewery owner, so were his
descendants until Ernst Friedrich Schonknecht, who was born in 1793. He
married Johanna Christiane Derlig. Her family on both sides were clothiers
for generations. He father's people came from Gronberg and her mother's
people from Zullichau.
Through her mother;s connections, Johanna Christiane Derlig arranged for
her son, Robert Schonknecht. who was born in 1832, to learn the clothing
business. At first he worked with a textile export firm in Berlin. Later he
would work as a clothing manufacturer in his home town of Gronberg. In 1859
Robert Scnonknecht married the 2nd daughter of financial advisor Erdmann
Hoffman in Soran N-L. Hoffman was the sole
owner of the already industrially important company and clothing mill of the
same name, which later incorporated.
Robert Schonknecht was not able to hold on to his own company. His
partners engaged in wild speculation and incurred personal debts. As he was
joined to them as guarantor, he was personally and completely obligated in
the ensuing problems. The company had to be liquidated. In the process he
lost a very large personal fortune. He lived out his life as a private
citizen. He participated honorably in local affairs and held official
positions. He died in 1913 honored as a "statesman".
From the very beginning his only son Max Robert took care to carry on in
his father's firm. In 1887 he married Hedwig Gerber, who was the eldest
daughter of Gustav Gerber. Gerber was the sole owner of a clothing
manufacturing company B. Gerber and Son, which was located in Sagan.

Elizabeth Woods

>From: "charles holtzback" <>
>Date: Thu, Jan 31, 2002, 3:26 PM

> Elizabeth, Not much for you but something may clich Good luck1 Charles
> SCHOENKNECHT, Carl August Herrmann Christening
> Gender: Male
> Birth Date: 2 Aug 1837
> Christening Date: 13 Aug 1837 Recorded in: Frankfurt a.d. Oder,
> Brandenburg, Preussen
> Collection: Garnison; Lutherisch
> Father: Anton SCHOENKNECHT
> Mother: Johanne Ulrike Anselme MASCHKE
> Source: FHL Film 71214 Dates: 1825 - 1854
> BAEHRLE, Carolina Christening
> Gender: Female
> Birth Date: 18 Jun 1837
> Christening Date: 19 Jun 1837 Recorded in: Erlach, Offenburg, Baden
> Collection: Katholisch
> Father: Moriz BAEHRLE
> Mother: Maria Anna HAIG
> Source: FHL Film 958809 Dates: 1811 - 1900
> BAEHRS, Carolina Birth
> Gender: Female
> Birth Date: 5 Nov 1841
> Christening Date: 9 Nov 1841 Recorded in: Hilden, Rheinland, Preussen
> Collection: Standesamt; Zivil
> Father: Peter Heinrich BAEHRS
> Mother: Johanna KIRBERG
> Mother's Father: Caspar KIRBERG
> Mother's Mother: Anna Catharina ALTHOF
> Source: FHL Film 958582 Dates: 1834 - 1843
> BAAR, Karolina Christening
> Gender: Female
> Birth Date: 10 Feb 1843
> Christening Date: 11 Feb 1843 Recorded in: Biberach, Offenburg, Baden
> Collection: Katholisch
> Death Date: 15 Feb 1843
> Father: Mathias BAAR
> Mother: Kunigunda BRUEDERLE
> Source: FHL Film 905394 Dates: 1770 - 1886
> BAER, Karolina Christening
> Gender: Female
> Birth Date: 4 Jul 1843
> Christening Date: 4 Jul 1843 Recorded in: Krautheim, Mosbach, Baden
> Collection: Katholisch
> Death Date: 27 Oct 1843
> Father: Seeligmann BAER
> Mother: Karolina HERRMANN
> Source: FHL Film 1049294 Dates: 1811 - 1869
> BAER, Karolina Christening
> Gender: Female
> Birth Date: 8 Nov 1846
> Christening Date: 9 Nov 1846 Recorded in: Krautheim, Mosbach, Baden
> Collection: Katholisch
> Father: Seligmann BAER
> Mother: Sophia OPPENHEIMER
> Source: FHL Film 1049294 Dates: 1811 - 1869
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