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From: Adelin REMY <>
Subject: [GERMAN-NOBILITY] von Essens of Germany
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 11:57:54 -0400

There are several families von ESSEN from Germany:
1° one made Chevalier du St Empire (Knight of the Holy Roman Empire) in
1706 and 1782;
2° another one von ESSEN and von ESSEN af ZELLIE from Sweden who got
several nobility diplomas: Nobility in Sweden 1663, Nobility in Finland
1818, Baron in Sweden 1717, 1719, Registered in Livonia (today Latvia)
1742, Indigenat (Naturalization) in Estonia 1745, Count in Sweden 1809:
3° the third one von ESSEN STENBOCK FERMOR: Immemorial Nobility in Sweden,
confirmed 1643, Immatriculation in Estonia 1745, in Livonia 1747, in Oesel
c1890, Count ESSEN STENBOCK FERMOR in Russia 1835.

The Swedish family still extant in Sweden.


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