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From: "Mary Boyd" <>
Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Sommer books online
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 22:57:50 -0700

Several months ago, we discussed the 16-volume series of books by J.G.
Sommer titled "Das Königreigh Böhmen: Statistisch-topographisch
dargestellt". These were published in the period 1833-1849 and contain
information about the villages and estates in the various districts of
Bohemia in the mid-19th century. Because of the scarcity of these
books, they have been hard to get ahold of unless one could get them
on loan from a university library or found a random volume with an
antiquarian bookseller.

Today I was poking around the Google Books website
( and discovered that several of these
volumes are now freely available for viewing online. Some of the
volumes can even be wholly downloaded in PDF-format (note: these PDFs
are BIG files). The volumes that I was able to find were: Bidschower
Kreis (Vol. 3), Könniggrätzer Kreis (Vol. 4), Pilsener Kreis (Vol. 6),
Klattauer Kreis (Vol. 7), Budweiser Kreis (Vol. 9), Caslauer Kreis
(Vol. 11), and Berauner Kreis (Vol. 16). I suspect that the other
volumes are online too. Of course they're in German and use the old
Fraktur typescript which isn't exactly reader-friendly. But if you're
like me and haven't been able to get them, this is a very valuable

The bad part is that they are not well indexed and are difficult find
with the Google search tools. Doing a title or author search usually
picks up just a couple volumes. I found some of the volumes by doing a
search on the publisher (Calve), some using the publication date
(1849), some with the author name (Sommer or Johann), some by
searching on major village names, and some with various combinations
of the above. With a good amount of persistence and luck, the volumes
eventually seem to appear. If anyone can come up with a better search
combination, it would be very useful.

If you're not familiar with the contents of the Sommer books, there's
a good description of these books in the June 2005 list message
archives here:

And a portion of Volume 15 - Elbogener Kreis - is translated into
English and online here:

Happy Hunting,
Mary Boyd

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