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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] SCHNABL and GRUTZ in Weissenfels, Bohemia
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 13:29:01 EDT

Here is a list of placenames starting with Wei and Wie
found on Ewald Keil's CD "Heimatkundliche CD zum Egerland.

The CD includes the "Ortsnamenverzeichnis" for the entire Sudetenland so
I assume the place names above would be the only options for any part
of the Sudetenland, not just Egerland.

Weissensulz might be mistaken for Weissenfels because the hand written
"f" and "s" resemble each other somewhat. It may be worth checking for
church records of that place.

There were Schnabls in my high school at Lamberton MN during the early 50s.
I don't know if that family still lives in that area.

You might search the Internet with both names to find out who else has
researched them.

Also do searches on the home page at and see if any of
the results suggest Bohemia as a blace of birth. There is the possibility
that the family migrated to Hungary and there may be information on the surname
at websites for Banat, Batschka, and Donauschwaben genealogy. But if they
say they were from Bohemia during the 19th Century that probably is not true.

Bohemian and Moravian migrants to Hungary and Galicia / Bukowina are found
in the LDS film "Ansiedlerakten".

Weißenbach (Vys^ne), Gmünd 66/9
Weißenbach (Vys^pachy, jetzt: Bila),
Neubistritz 68/55
Weißensulz (Be^la nad Radbuzou),
Bischofteinitz 26/81
- Weißkirchen (Bily Kostelec), Leitmeritz
Weißkirchen an der Neiße (Bily Kostel
nad Nisou), Reichenberg 16/66
Weißkirchlitz (Novosedlice),
Teplitz-Schönau 19/33
Weißstätten (Pasohlavky, auch: Bily
Br^eh), Nikolsburg 69/54
- Weißwasser (Bila Voda), Freiwaldau
Weißwasser (Bila Voda), Hohenstadt
Weißwasser Dorf (Ves Bila Voda), zu
Weißwasser, Freiwaldau 44/38
Weißwasser Markt (Me^stys Bila Voda),
zu Weißwasser, Freiwaldau 44/38
Weiten-Trebetitsch, auch:
Weiten-Tr^ebetitsch (S^iroke
Tr^ebc^ice), Podersam 37/83

Wieschka (Viz^ka), Tachau 40/113
Wiese (Louka), Brüx 7/40
Wiese (Ves), Friedland (Isergebirge)
Wiese (Louc^ky), Jägerndorf 48/64
Wiesen (Viz^n^ov, auch: Vis^en^ov),
Braunau 6/43
Wiesen (Louc^ky, auch: Louc^ka, Louky),
zu Rabersdorf, Mährisch Schönberg
Wiesen, Böhmisch s. Böhmisch Wiesen
Wiesen, Mährisch s. Mährisch Wiesen
Wiesenberg (Vizmberk, auch: Viesenberk,
jetzt: Louc^na nad Desnou), Mährisch
Schönberg 50/57
Wiesengrund, auch: Dobrzan (Dobr^any),
Mies 35/124
Wiesenthal (jetzt: Louc^ne), zu
Georgswalde, Rumburg 17/3
Wiesenthal, Böhmisch s. Böhmisch
Wiesenthal, C^esky s. C^esky Wiesenthal
- Wiesenthal an der Neiße (Luc^any nad
Nisou, auch: Viesenthal nad Nisou),
Gablonz an der Neiße 12/39
Wießen (Be^sno), Podersam 37/88

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