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From: "Aida Kraus" <>
Subject: translations German to English
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 19:18:55 -0700
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If you are on a German website and you cannot understand the text. Go to
the address bar above, highlight it and copy. Then go to your Google
homepage and paste it into your Google search button. On the right side of
that button you will see in blue writing "Language tools" ----- click on
it. When it comes up go to the website translator. Your copied address is
still active, and so you can paste it again where it says: "Translate a web
page", select German to English. The site will come up in a verbatim (word
for word)translation, which sounds a bit weird in English but is
understandable. If a sentence comes up scrambled, try the sentence by
itself on the translation format on the same page. Search each German
website for a British flag because there may be a valid English translation
available by just clicking on the flag.


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> Do you know anything about the German translation search engine? Shirley
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