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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Town history
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 14:33:50 EDT


German Bohemians now living in Germany have published a lot of Heimat Books
(homeland books) about the places where they lived in Bohemia -

Some of these books are at US University and other collegiate libraries and
there is a fairly good collection in the LDS library.

Those in the LDS library are usually not on film and do not circulate to
local Family History Centers, but you can request filming of a given book and
then wait for about a year before it shows up on film in the catalog. Then you
can order it.

All those books are in German. To find them in the catalog takes some
doing -- you have to try a number of German words based on what you know about
the place. That would include the place name in German, the name of the
parish to which it belonged in German, and the name of the county (Bezirke) or
district/region (Kreis; Landkreis ) to which it belonged. All that information
is basic to your research and you should learn it anyway.

Some list members own copies of some Heimat books and if you post enough
information about your ancestral birthplace someone may be able to help you with
information from their book. Do not just post the name of the place
because many placenames were used over and over in Bohemia and you have to sort out
which one is the right one. You may be able to learn the latitude and
longitude at Shtetlseeker website. You can also get a map of sorts there.

Also, write to the Heimat library at Stuttgart and ask if they have a
with your ancestral place in it. Again, send the place name, parish,
county, district -- anything that would help the to pick the right place if there
are several with the same name.


: Bibliothek im haus der Heimat
SchloƟsstrasse 92
D-70176 Stuttgart
TELl (0711) 6 69 51 30
FAX (0711) 6 69 51 49

It is OK to write in English but keep your sentences very simple.
Ask the cost of copies of pages about your community.
Or ask if they can scan and Email the pages.


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