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Subject: to launch sometime in future
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 13:18:27 EDT

From the Prague News online.

Note that Google has a translation engine for German sites. The article
below may mean that Google will be able to translate Czech sites, also. It
may not be right away, but we may be able to look forward to that possibility
in the future.

To find out if Google can translate a CZ website, first find the URL for any
website. Then enter part of that URL as a Google search. If the hits come
up in CZ language but with the bracketed notation {translate this page},
ckick on that notation to view the site in rough English.

I don't know what can be done about the CZ diacriticals in a CZ URL or if
they will be needed for a Goolgle search.

It is possible to set up your keyboard for Czech language which will provide
the diacriticals. There is generally a "macro" key you can use to change
the Keyboard from English or any other language to Czech or German or
whatever. I used the US English International keyboard but have not ytet
found all the CZ diacriticals it includes. If I figure out how to do that
with the International setup I will write to the list.

In the meantime could a list member who knows Czech please go to the Czech
search engine Seznam and do a search to learn if that Czech search engine
offers translation to Englist?

_Czech search engines are in jeopardy now that Google has acquired the .cz
domain:_ ( Analysts say
Google's entrance into the market will take a huge bite out of the country's
three Czech search engines - Centrum, Atlas and the market-leading Seznam,
which currently provides than 50 percent of all Czech searches.

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