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Subject: Rubezahl
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 23:24:49 EDT

There are many tales of Rubezahl including one about how he got his
name which means "Beet Counter".

He is the spirit of the Reisengebirge and he has teams of dwarves who mine
[precious metals and gems for him -- so he is VERY wealthy. He can change
his shape to be anything he wishes.

He helps people who are deserving of his help but he always sets rules for
them and if they break those rules, they face his terrible anger.

One poor shepherd who entered his garden to gather Sprigwurzel which was
known to be a ultimate cure for just about anything, got caught by Rubezahl who
is VERY jealous of his garden. But Rubezahl finally agreed to let the
shepherd have some Springwurzel but made him promise he would never again enter
Rubezahl's gargen. The Shepherd grew rich and famous for
being able to cure many ailments that doctors could not cure. But he got
greedy and decided he wanted mor Springwurzel so he could become even more
wealthy. Rubezahl caught him breaking his promise not to enter the garden again
the shepherd did not live to tell about it. All that was left of him was his
clothing which Rubezahl three into the next valley.

There is a book of over 100 tales of Rubezahl that I have translated.


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