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From: "Aida Kraus" <>
Subject: Fw: Riesengebirge Lied
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 19:03:38 -0700

> Ah, Herbert, there you triggered some sweet memories for me, also! There
> were, of course a lot of Ruebezahl Restaurants in the East Bohemian
> countryside, sort of like "Edelweiss" or "Black Forest Restaurants' can be
> found here. But what stands out in my memory is a Summer hiking vacation
> with my family from Johannisbad (Janske Lazne) in Eastern Bohemia with day
> hikes around the Riesengebirge (and I don't know the Czech names of all of
> these former German areas). The original names come into my mind rather
> quickly, like the trail to the Hoffmannsbaude and Schneekoppe on a
> trail-net
> of many many miles. You felt like walking in Ruebezahl's footsteps. I am
> sure that they must have made this then VERY touristy area attractive now
> again and I can highly recommend a visit there! I also have no idea if
> "Ruebezahl" came first and Krkonos second or vice versa. Another most
> romantic place I remember was the Spindlermühle on the foot of the
> Schwarzenberg. If anyone visits Bohemia, this romantically beautiful area
> is well worth a visit! I am enclosing a web link where you can find 40
> photographs of the area and except for a few more modern buildings it has
> changed little from what I remember. And if you want to hear the melody
> of the Riesengebirgslied, that is here also attached. You need a Real
> player.
> Aida
> Song: >
> Egerländer Marsch:
> And hier is the Morgenroth also:
> ----------------------------------------
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>> Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Sudeten tracht
>>> Sorry that I was somewhat out of line with the Tracht issue, but it
>>> triggered my memory with the Resaurant which I visited a few times with
>>> my family as a 7-8 year old. The other on I remember was the "Ruebezahl"
>>> again I am not certain whether it was in Marienbad or Karlsbad ? -
>>> Returning to the Egerlaender Trachten, I think the "Weiden" Egerlaender
>>> Heimat Museum has Pictures of the Egerlaender Trachten on its webside.
>>> Herb Schwarz
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>>> Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Sudeten tracht
>>>> The "Egerländer," a restaurant, is situated up on the hill at Marienbad
>>>> offering a beautiful view to the visitors. And even after the Germans
>>>> were expelled, the Czechs retained that typical Fachwerk (like Tudor)
>>>> building and the folk art of our people contained therein.
>>>> However, the question posed by Carol was about the Moravian tracht,
>>>> which is entirely different from the Egerlaender tracht, and Karen is
>>>> indeed far more knowledgeable in this and will give you expert advice.
>>>> She has given seminars on Trachts of our German Bohemian homeland in
>>>> the past and she will hold another seminar in Fall. When this is
>>>> finalized, Karen, please post the date and place of your presentation
>>>> here on the list.
>>>> Aida


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