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Subject: Historic Map Works
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 20:33:19 EDT

There is a new web site under construction that aims to provide early plat
maps of many US cities on the Internet -- Free.

Some of the maps will actually have the name of the occupant / owner of a
given house.

There will also be searchable city directories included at the site.

Right now they have city maps for Texas and for PA, NY and other "up East"
states on line. They are very detailed.

The clickable links are at the top of the home page.

_http://www.historicmapworks.com_ ( .

Click Browse Maps first and see what states are available. Then point at a
state of interest and see if another link to a display appears.

There are maps of Pnilladelpnia dated in 1848 and about 1852 that I explored.

If you want to search city directories with a date after an ancestor arrived
in that city, there is a "search" option but I did not test it. Click on
the link to directories in the link bar beneath the site title page at the URL

They say they will be adding new maps all the time but the list of future
maps may show that it will be a very long time befor there are any maps with
places having a large German-Bohemian population.

Save the URL and visit the site every month or so to see what has changed.


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