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Tracht remainded me of a "Restaurant" called the EGERLANDER , I think it was
in Marienbad (possible Karlsbad). It was up on the mountainside and had
lifesize Dumies in some of the local Trachts. Maybe Aida can give a little
more information. Herb Schwarz.
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> Catol,
> There were several versions of Tracht from Austrian Silesia depending on
> the
> area.
> The influences were from Franken Germans and the native Tracht worn by
> the people who lived in that area before the German's arrived. Czechs in
> the area tended to wear more elaborately decorated Tracht.
> The CGSI library in St. Paul and the GBHS library in New Ulm have a book
> about old Moravian and Silesian Tracht.
> It may also be available via Interlibrary loan. The title is Mährische
> und
> Schlesische Volkstrachten. Paintings in Guasch from 1814. The author is
> Miroslava Ludvikova.
> An alternate title is Moravske A Slezske Kroje.
> The text is in German and Czech.
> The Silesian places mentioned are Freudenthaler Gebirgs; Deutshce Gebirgs
> around Troppau and Jagerndorf; Troppau; Gesernike; Bodenstadt;
> Weiskirchen;
> Kuhlandchen; Kunewald; Stiebnig; Stauding; Pholanzer Lediges Madchen;
> Poruba
> Dominium; Teschen, Polish Ostrau, Freistadt, Niesser Furstenthum (part of
> Troppau Kreis); Herrschft Sternberg; Domstadtl; Hanaks (very early
> settlers in
> that area) Müglitz;Plumenau Geburgs Gegend; Schebetau;
> biskupitz;Jessenitz;Herrschaft Konitzer,
> The last ones may be in the Brunn district, not in Silesia if all of the
> Silesian images are shown together.
> I have some photos of pastel drawings of a Kuhland bride's Tracht that was
> a
> "museum piece" in 1945 when the drawing was made. The dress is all
> silk,
> full length and VERY elegant. I did not see anything that resembled it
> in
> the book about Moravian and Silesian Tracht.
> The whole portfolio of Images made in 1945 by Fritzi Mally is available
> for
> interlibrary loan from the University of Illinois. When I borrowed it I
> translated the text from German and put the translation in the portfolio
> when I
> returned it.
> It may still have that translation with it.
> _Deutsche Trachten aus den Sudetenländern_
> (
> / Fritzi Mally. - Prag [u.a.] : Volk- und Reich-Verl., 1943
> You may find a copy of the portfolio for sale at the ZVAB website if you
> search with Fritzi Mally.
> Mally also illustrated other works about the Sudetenland but I don't know
> if
> they include images of folk dress. Your research librarian should be
> able
> to tell you a little about what is available.
> There was little change between 1814 and 1880 except that costume may have
> been embellished more later in the century. A favorite embellishment was
> a
> cap embroidered all over with gold threads and aproms or skits of silk.
> .It
> was because Tracht was becoming so expensive with all the furs, silkes,
> velvets, gold, silver and gemstones added that the new style that would
> be more
> simple was introduced in the 1880s.
> German Tracht tended to be somewhat conservative and less elaborate than
> the heavily embroidered Czech Kroje that also developed in the area.
> There was a Prussian Silesia also and you have to be certain that the
> website you look at has versions that would include the Austrian Silesians
> if it is not about Austrian Silesians
> Search with Silesian Sudeten Tracht.
> Most of the modern tracht will show the styles since 1880. If your
> ancestors emigrated before that time they may have worn the older style
> Tracht.
> Preussler Verlag has published a lot of books about the Silesian
> Sudetens.
> If you find their catalog at their website, you may find a book about
> Tracht.
> Just be sure that any Tracht you track down dates from the era before
> your
> ancestors left.
> Karen
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