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Subject: CD Books Archive
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 17:30:26 EDT

From today's Eastman's Newsletter
Archive CD Books USA Donates Books

While not a part of the earlier announcement from Archive CD Books USA, I
think it is important to recognize the company's dedication to making
information freely available. This includes somewhat philanthropic efforts on

The company buys old books, occasionally paying rather significant sums for
the purchases. The books are then scanned and made available as CD-ROM
publications. The company then does two things:
1. The original book is donated to a genealogy library. You can read
more about that at _
( .
2. Archive CD Books USA also offers 33% to 50% discounts to libraries
and genealogy societies that purchase CD-ROM publications from the company.
This even includes CD-ROM publications from their international partners in
Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. More information about library and
genealogy society discounts may be found at
_ ( .

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