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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:09:06 -0700
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I translated this for Bob Poulson, I had only two verses then. The rest
is in the same vein: the death of a soldier.

Morning glow, shining red
might lead me to early death.
Soon the trumpets will sound
for my grave in the ground
and some of my dear comrades, too.

No sooner I knew, No sooner I knew
the end of joy is here, so new.
Yesterday, we rode proud steeds
today, a chestwound angry bleeds,
tomorrow will see me in my cold grave.

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>I went to the web -site that Aida suggested to hear the melody of the
> What is the song in English? Can some one translate? I could follow
> along,
> I just want to know what they are saying.
> Thanks
> Dawn, FL
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