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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Morgenrot
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 12:50:33 EDT

In a message dated 8/22/2006 2:12:52 A.M. Mountain Standard Time,

Morgenrot is apparently a son sung by Austrian Cavalry going into battle.
If you listen to the melody it is easy to imagine a cavalry troop singing it
as they trot into position for a battle.

Sailors have an old saying about a red dawn versus a red sunset -- Red sky
at night, sailors' delight; Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.

I wonder if the Austrian cavalry thought of a red sky as a good or bad omen?
The first line seems to indicate that a red dawn may have been a bad omen.

One of the last huge cavalry battles was at Königgrätz in 1866 when the
entire Austrian cavalry met the entire Prussian cavalry on the battlefield in the
afternoon of a final day of battle. The battle is described in Greg
Warwo's book (in English) about the Austro-Prussian war. I would guess there was
probably a red dawn that day since it was cloudy and rained during the day.


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