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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Morgenroth? Is it this?
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 17:09:03 -0700
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Ah Randy, this is precious that you remember the phonetic words. And I will
put it in good German for everyone to read:
Dropping the spoon: "Der Löffel - der Mann"
Dropping the fork: "Die Gabel - die Frau"
Dropping the knife: "Das Messer - das Mädchen".... look, who would be coming
to your house if you let it fall!
Actually it was an association in learning genders of German
Grammar. She might have handed on to you what she learned at school. "Der"
Löffel is equal to "Der Mann" and therefore you have a word of the masculine
gender. "Die" Gabel - "Die Frau" and here you have a word of the feminine
gender. "Das Messer" - "Das (kleine - little) Mädchen" and here you have
the "Neutral" gender.
Der-die-das stands for the very sexless first article "The" in
English! Now how about that? Our old folks had a way to make "learning
fun".... and indeed, much more was absorbed by our "little folks" that way.


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> my mom used to have sayings for when one dropped silverware( now mind u, i
> don't speak or spell german, so.......);when we dropped a spoon she wud
> say "der lepel der man" meaning a man wud b coming; and if u dropped a
> fork "de gobble be frau" meaning a lady wud b coming; and if u dropped a
> knife "des messer des michen" meant a girl would b coming
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> Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Morgenroth? Is it this?
>> Morgengebet /Morgenroth -- Translation below
>> Language: GERMAN
>> O wunderbares tiefes Schweigen,
>> wie einsam ist's noch auf der Welt!
>> Die Wälder nur sich leise neigen,
>> als ging' der Herr durch's stille Feld.
>> Ich fühle mich wie neu geschaffen,
>> wo ist die Sorge nun und Noth?
>> Was gestern noch mich wollt' erschlaffen
>> dess schäm' ich mich im Morgenroth.
>> Die Welt mit ihrem Gram und Glücke
>> will ich, ein Pilger, froh bereit
>> betreten nur als eine Brücke
>> zu dir, Herr, über'm Strom der Zeit.

Morning prayer
Language: ENGLISH

>> O wondrous, profound silence -
>> how solitary it is yet in the world!
>> The woods just bow softly,
>> as if God were moving through the silent field.
>> I feel as if newly created:
>> where is sorrow now and affliction?
>> What just yesterday sapped my strength
>> shames me in dawn's light.
>> The world with its grief and joy,
>> I wish, as a pilgrim, blithely ready,
>> to traverse - like a bridge that leads
>> to you, God, across the stream of time.


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