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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Morgenroth? Is it this?
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:23:20 -0500
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my mom used to have sayings for when one dropped silverware( now mind u, i
don't speak or spell german, so.......);when we dropped a spoon she wud say
"der lepel der man" meaning a man wud b coming; and if u dropped a fork "de
gobble be frau" meaning a lady wud b coming; and if u dropped a knife "des
messer des michen" meant a girl would b coming

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Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Morgenroth? Is it this?

> Morgengebet /Morgenroth -- Translation below
> Language: GERMAN
> O wunderbares tiefes Schweigen,
> wie einsam ist's noch auf der Welt!
> Die Wälder nur sich leise neigen,
> als ging' der Herr durch's stille Feld.
> Ich fühle mich wie neu geschaffen,
> wo ist die Sorge nun und Noth?
> Was gestern noch mich wollt' erschlaffen
> dess schäm' ich mich im Morgenroth.
> Die Welt mit ihrem Gram und Glücke
> will ich, ein Pilger, froh bereit
> betreten nur als eine Brücke
> zu dir, Herr, über'm Strom der Zeit.Morning prayer Language: ENGLISH O
> wondrous, profound silence -
> how solitary it is yet in the world!
> The woods just bow softly,
> as if God were moving through the silent field.
> I feel as if newly created:
> where is sorrow now and affliction?
> What just yesterday sapped my strength
> shames me in dawn's light.
> The world with its grief and joy,
> I wish, as a pilgrim, blithely ready,
> to traverse - like a bridge that leads
> to you, God, across the stream of time.
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