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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Bohemian-Bavarian Historic time table
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 22:04:39 EDT

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but where do
your Weber's hale from? mine came from just across the border, in Bavaria,

The border between Bavaria and Bohemia changed several times in the late
medieval period and beginning of the early modern period -- I am not
certain if there were political disputes involved between the Bavarian and
Bohemian kings or if it was a matter of a marriage creating a claim to
new territory.
Be sure that you know where i was when a given ancestor was born.

I am sorry, I cannot name a source for that information but if you
search for historic atlas of Bavaria you may find something.
A historic atlas of Bohemia might also work.. I believe the area most
affected was in the Choden and Bohemian Forest areas of Bohemia. However, it has
been a very long time since I came across that information and I am no
longer sure.

Many German-Bohemians migrated to Bohemia from Bavaria after the 30 years
war.The Nineteenth Century GB folk dress included many elements that
resembled Bavarian Tracht from the 16th century. Those costumes were
especially prevalent in Pilsen and Chotieschau areas, bu there are also
a lot of Bavarian elements in Tracht from Bishofteinetz, too.

The Choden men wore coats that were very much like a 17th Century coat
worn in Wurttemburg.

Germans attending the SGAS conference in New Ulm a couple of years
ago commented that the GB dialect spoken during the entertainment program
there was like "some kind of Bayerisch (Bavarian) but none of them could
understand it. The dialect is still spoken by a few of the descendants of GB
immigrans living in and around New Ulm, but they are fast disappearing.


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