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From: "Herbert Schwarz" <>
Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 21:49:12 -0400
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Hi Aida, I mentioned in one of our earlier exchanges that I was born in
Pfraumberg/Pr^imda in 1930. My father escaped to England in March 1939 and
we followed him in 1946. I got my British Citicenship and served my 2 years
in the British Army (Stationed in Germany 1950-1952), I got married in the
U.K (Wales) and my 3 Children were born in the U.K. - We moved to Canada in
1966 ( 40 years ago this December). I worked as a Chemist in the U.K.
(Rubber Industry) and joint Polysar a Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing Plant
in Sarnia,Ontario. I retired in 1990 and enjoy my retirement. Regards Herb
Schwarz ( P.S. From 1974 to 1977 I spent 3 years in Japan working for
Polysar as a Technical Advisor ,covering the far East)
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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions

> Thank you Herb - that's it exactly! Sehr gut! You know, we are still
> cutting the Christmas apple in our family, but I am a terrible cheat not
> wanting to lose one single member of my clan! So knowing that you mostly
> make or break your luck yourself, I twist the knife sideways before it
> cuts the seeds while the apple breaks apart! Hahaha! How long have you
> been in Canada? Were you born here? I would really like to know how much
> our grandmothers told their offsprings born here! I got a real kick out
> of some of the Erzgebirge-superstitions. Listen to this: "If a newly
> married couple, as they come out of the church, take a look into the
> distance and they see a woman, their first baby will be a girl and if they
> see a man, well you can figure that out quickly enough." And this is even
> funnier: "You have to shout into the open kitchen-stove door when you move
> from one house to another, so that the hearth will know you, and then your
> family will be lucky!" Some families all shouted into the kitchen stove,
> one after another, just to be safe!
> This is going to be a nice collection!
> Aida
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> Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions
>> Hi Aida, yes the Black Cat crossing in front is one I remember. Walking
>> under a Ladder is an other one.. Then there were the Spiders. - Spine am
>> Morgen bringt Kummer und Sorgen. Spine am Mittag ,bringt glueck am
>> dritten Tag. Spine am abend bringt Glueck und Gaben. We had also the
>> Christmas one, Cutting an Apple to see if you cut one of the Seeds, if so
>> you got lost in the comming year. The Chimney Sweep,lucky if you saw him,
>> especially on Christmas Day !! Some people arranged for him to come and
>> visit ,as the first "Male" on Christmas morning to bring luck in the
>> comming year.Spilling Salt, bad luck, to compensate you had to trow some
>> over your shoulder. Broken mirrows, 7 years of bad luck ! Regards Herb
>> Schwarz, Ontario,Canada
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>> Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 3:57 PM
>> Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions
>>> This time, I would like your help! Do you remember certain superstitions
>>> your ancestors shared with you? If you do, write them down and send
>>> them to me to my Email address below. It is important that they are not
>>> of any other origin but Bohemian, Moravian, Czech, German or Slovakian,
>>> inclusive the mountain regions of the Boehmerwald, Erzgebirge and
>>> Elbesandsteingebirge, Adlergebirge, Riesengebirge, the Tatra and others.
>>> There were many caves with beautiful limestone stalagmites and
>>> stalactites that must have left some memories, the most extensive of
>>> them is - of course - the Mazocha near Brünn, and there was also a whole
>>> net of mine shafts leading to ancient caverns in the mountains where
>>> people entering these places must have performed some sort of protective
>>> superstition.....I would like to hear about this. But I am not only
>>> interested in these alone, write to me what you know of your "family
>>> memories" even if it is just as simple as a black cat crossing the road
>>> (m!
>>> any turned around when it went from left to right because in German
>>> "rechts is Schlechts" (right brings bad things) or whatever you can
>>> remember hearing in your Bohemian families. I do not care if you
>>> remember the German words or the English equivalent, like "Schäflein zur
>>> Linken, muss Glück Dir winken" in English: "Sheep on the left (of the
>>> road) will bring you luck!" Let's see how much you remember!
>>> Send them to:
>>> Aida
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