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From: "Aida Kraus" <>
Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 17:08:53 -0700
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Thank you Herb - that's it exactly! Sehr gut! You know, we are still
cutting the Christmas apple in our family, but I am a terrible cheat not
wanting to lose one single member of my clan! So knowing that you mostly
make or break your luck yourself, I twist the knife sideways before it cuts
the seeds while the apple breaks apart! Hahaha! How long have you been in
Canada? Were you born here? I would really like to know how much our
grandmothers told their offsprings born here! I got a real kick out of some
of the Erzgebirge-superstitions. Listen to this: "If a newly married
couple, as they come out of the church, take a look into the distance and
they see a woman, their first baby will be a girl and if they see a man,
well you can figure that out quickly enough." And this is even funnier:
"You have to shout into the open kitchen-stove door when you move from one
house to another, so that the hearth will know you, and then your family
will be lucky!" Some families all shouted into the kitchen stove, one after
another, just to be safe!
This is going to be a nice collection!


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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions

> Hi Aida, yes the Black Cat crossing in front is one I remember. Walking
> under a Ladder is an other one.. Then there were the Spiders. - Spine am
> Morgen bringt Kummer und Sorgen. Spine am Mittag ,bringt glueck am dritten
> Tag. Spine am abend bringt Glueck und Gaben. We had also the Christmas
> one, Cutting an Apple to see if you cut one of the Seeds, if so you got
> lost in the comming year. The Chimney Sweep,lucky if you saw him,
> especially on Christmas Day !! Some people arranged for him to come and
> visit ,as the first "Male" on Christmas morning to bring luck in the
> comming year.Spilling Salt, bad luck, to compensate you had to trow some
> over your shoulder. Broken mirrows, 7 years of bad luck ! Regards Herb
> Schwarz, Ontario,Canada
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> Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Superstitions
>> This time, I would like your help! Do you remember certain superstitions
>> your ancestors shared with you? If you do, write them down and send them
>> to me to my Email address below. It is important that they are not of
>> any other origin but Bohemian, Moravian, Czech, German or Slovakian,
>> inclusive the mountain regions of the Boehmerwald, Erzgebirge and
>> Elbesandsteingebirge, Adlergebirge, Riesengebirge, the Tatra and others.
>> There were many caves with beautiful limestone stalagmites and
>> stalactites that must have left some memories, the most extensive of them
>> is - of course - the Mazocha near Brünn, and there was also a whole net
>> of mine shafts leading to ancient caverns in the mountains where people
>> entering these places must have performed some sort of protective
>> superstition.....I would like to hear about this. But I am not only
>> interested in these alone, write to me what you know of your "family
>> memories" even if it is just as simple as a black cat crossing the road
>> (m!
>> any turned around when it went from left to right because in German
>> "rechts is Schlechts" (right brings bad things) or whatever you can
>> remember hearing in your Bohemian families. I do not care if you
>> remember the German words or the English equivalent, like "Schäflein zur
>> Linken, muss Glück Dir winken" in English: "Sheep on the left (of the
>> road) will bring you luck!" Let's see how much you remember!
>> Send them to:
>> Aida
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