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You may be able to get this through an interlibrary loan, see the ISBN. I copied the text, so you know what is contained therein. Aida:

Archaeological study-group for Eastern Bavaria/Western and Southern Bohemia
[Table of Contents] [Contributions]

The volume contains 22 papers presented at the first conference on archaeology in Eastern Bavaria, Western and Southern Bohemia at Bernried in 1991. The overall topic was the palaeolithic and neolithic with an emphasis on settlements. Two contributions deal with the palaeolithic, generally in Bavaria and by means of the example of pit huts at Susice. Two chapters are dedicated to settlements of the Linear Pottery, one deals with the Stroke Ornamented Pottery. Another article has the topic of Middle Neolithic central places. Sections on a reconstructed house, surface finds and flint mines follow. The Aeneolithic in Western and Southern Bohemia and in the Bohemian Forest are other aspects. The Altheim Culture is represented by contributions on Piesenkofen, Ergolding and copper analyses. To the Cham Culture considerations of cultural contacts, of the settlement of Dietfurt and the earthwork of Hadersbach are dedicated which are contrasted with the settlement of Cerný vrch and t!
he hillfort of Cimburk. The book is concluded by papers on the Bell Beaker settlement of Prunn, burial groups of the Bell Beaker Culture in the region of Deggendorf and a list of participants.

Content: 176 pag., 30 ill., 4 photos Cover: PB
Text: German Size: 21,0 x 29,8 cm / DIN A4
Abstracts in
other languages: Chzechian weight: 190 g
Keywords: Series: Archäologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostbayern/West- und Südböhmen
ISSN: 1438-6631
ISBN: 3-00000-00-0
Place of Publication: Deggendorf
Date of Publication: 1992

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> Does any one know of a web site about Bohemian pottery?
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