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From: "Daniel R. Killoran,Ph.D." <>
Subject: Fregattenkapitaen Abele
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 12:06:46 -0400

A very interesting article appeared in the Boston Globe on 17 Aug
2006 about the fate of the US submarine "Grunion".
What is especially interesting to this group is the fact that the
unfortunate captain was named Mannert L. "Jim" Abele.
As it happens, a very good friend of my mother-in-law was named Abele
- he lived in Markt Eisenstein until he was thrown out in 1945 or 6,
and was a retired "Fregattenkapitaen" (which I think means Commodore)
of the K&K navy. This very interesting gentleman had served in the
Boxer rebellion and also in Africa, and was Adjutant to the last
Austrian Kaiser. I don't know whether there is any relation between
them, although it is an interesting coincidence that both were naval
officiers, although in different navies! I understand from my mother-
in-law that the Abele family was originally French, and moved to
Austria as a result of the Hugenot trouble,, but I don't know if they
were themselves Hugenots.
Mere vulgar curiosity, but interesting anyway!

Dan Killoran

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