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From: "JEAN" <>
Subject: 2Greagrand mother's Dowry
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 10:03:19 -0500

This from the Achieves of the city of Haid, book #2732, page 320, the wedding contract between
Karl Schacher, burger, and senior potter, son of Paul Schacher, burger and senior potter in the city of Haid and Katherina Zickler,daughter of Matthias Zickler,, burger and senior dyer in the color black. House #17 (right of #15), will be in the ownership of both spouses.
The dowry of the bride was the house #240 in "Gassen"in Haid, per 400 golden, in cash 200 golden and 4 strichs of field in sc "Mala Novina" Paul Schacher and his wife Marianna advanced on the 27 of May1804 his house #15 in Haid, to his son Karl 700 guldens, There is a notice in this record, "according to extract #43, advanced this house to Katheria Schacher.

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