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From: "Lars Hanusch" <>
Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Berni Rula
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 16:37:01 +0200
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have you seen that for example the following people was listed in
neighborhood parishes:
Jan Rebiczer in the village Halssberg (Liskovec, parish Ujezd Svateho
Krize) as Sedlak and Jan Rebiczer jun. as Chalupnik
Jan Rebiczer in the village Ploss (Ples) as Chalupnik

good luck

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Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Berni Rula

> My ancestors, the Rebitzers, were not listed in the Berni Rula for the
> village of Neubau, but in the history of the village, which was founded in
> the 16th Century, the Rebitzers were listed as one of the earliest
> families.
> Can someone tell me why they were not listed.
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