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If he was a burgher, he was NOT a cottager, Jean, but he was a burgher
of the town, a houseowner, and a free man. You could only be a burgher in a
town if you owned a house there. Old settlement houses had fields on the
outside of town, because it was an agricultural society and they needed
fodder to feed the animals they kept in their stables. Usually the houses
stood side by side alongside a street, but each house had a large wooden
door wide and high enough to let a horse and carriage in. When the large
door closed it had a small door in it with either a bell or knocker, so that
the large doors did not have to be opened. Even now you can see these
houses in Europe in some of the older parts that were not bombed, but most
often you find them in little towns in Austria. Each of the houses has a
thoroughfare and often when you go to a restaurant, you have to walk
through one of these "house- tunnels" to enter the house about mid way. On
the other side were stables and hen houses, chicken ran around, they might
even have had a milch cow, cats and dogs. In the middle of this unpaved
little square was the manure pile, and behind the stables or to the side was
a vegetable garden. Sometimes they had alleys behind the houses and then
they did not have a large carriage door. Look at the picture of your
ancestors house, if it has such a large door in front, it was built like I
described, if not, they had alleys behind the house, just like it was here
in the US during your great grandparent's times when they kept a horse
instead of a garage in the back.
I think what you mean might be "armorer" which either means an arms
bearer to defend the city or he could have been the local gunsmith, good
guess!!! Or could he have been a carpenter making armoires? How is it
listed? Perhaps we can come up with a bit more precise definition. I read
old German script, so if you want to scan it and send it to me, I will try
to figure it out.
Since he lived in a city and had to make a living there, the
gunsmithing seems rather plausible, of course.


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> HI List: My g-grandfather is listed as a burger, small farmer and an
> armoire (gunsmith?) Would he be considered a cottager? I recently
> received a photo of the house that my family lived as far back as 1770,
> it still standing an has people living in it. It still looks pretty good.I
> can't image how grandpa felt living on the lower east side of Manhattan.
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