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In regard to the old folks living in the "Ausgeding" that is quite correct
and it is a separate house, like a dowager house in England. This house was
part of the many farm houses a farm consisted of. Now they are fixing them
up into B&B type quarters for family"vacations on a farm." They were solid
houses. All successive retired family members went into the "Ausgeding"
because they were away from the bustle of the farmhouse. It was not a
"cottage" it was a house and part of the usually 6 buildings a farm
contained. I am talking here about the farms of 20 acres up. It was quite
different from the farms you see here in America, where farmers sometimes
live in trailers. The farmhouse was a substantial building - in every case,
big or small! - the walls were built of brick or stone and you can still see
the rubble where they collapsed. Only the roof was of wood, shingles and
the upper floor often or daub and wattle, like a Tudor house. The stables
were built of brick or stones, solid building, so were the pigpens,
henhouses, barns and shops. In the old dayseven they had a cow, ox, horse
or even a goat driving the "Klöppel" going round and round to cut the hay or
provide some kind of power for whatever tools they were using. Even the
smallest farmhouse at home was never a run-down place! They had a lot of
pride in their properties, believe me, because they were in their families
for many generations.


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> There are three kinds of cottagers where the cottage either belongs to the
> noble's estate, to a city or to a free farmer
> Free farmers sometimes had a cottage for their parents to occupy after
> they
> retired and no longer assisted running the farm.
> Enserfed farmers might also provide such a cottage to house retired
> parents.
> I have read about some of these retired farmer's cottages being built
> within
> a farmhof when there was enough space.
> Karen
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