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Subject: Description of land ownership
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:35:40 -0700
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Paul, since they lived there so early and the name Rebitz(er) or from Rebitz
or even "von Rebitz" might be on a different list. Here are the
possibilities you need to check out. Find out which noble had the fief of
Neubau and if they were possibly part of that estate and in that case they
would be listed in the documents of either a castle, a manor, a large
holding which might have had their own chapel. A lot of residents
"belonged" to the noble family in the old days and they were treated
differently from the farmers surrounding the area. The clue here is this:
Are they in the church register of Neubau? If yes, they were probably on
leased land of the estate as cottagers. There are three kinds of cottagers
where the cottage either belongs to the noble's estate, to a city or to a
free farmer. In each case they are employed by the entity owning the land
and they live there for free as part of their pay. There is a little land
around these cottages for their own needs and in several cases these
cottagers were able to acquire that cottage were several generations of
families lived, for instance when the border of the fief, city or farm
changed. So there are cottagers that own their cottages, and those are
listed in the Berni Rula, because they had to pay taxes for it. The others
would be listed under the ownership, and there you might find also records
of your ancestors. I received a nice list of one of our members and because
it did not cut and paste in the format it was in, I will retype it on
another separate Email to the list.


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> My ancestors, the Rebitzers, were not listed in the Berni Rula for the
> village of Neubau, but in the history of the village, which was founded in
> the 16th Century, the Rebitzers were listed as one of the earliest
> families.
> Can someone tell me why they were not listed.
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