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Cottagers are listed in the Berni Rula, and since only property owners are
listed there, the answer is yes, and so are Häuslers but they did not have a
working farm and most of the time they worked from their homes as weavers,
shoemakers, tailors, in other words in a "service" craft for the village.
Bauern oder Halb Bauern were living from the products of their farms and had
more acreage. Some of the farmers were "Frei-Bauern" meaning that they were
tax exempt for a service to the Crown, like as border guards. Häuslers had
smaller land holdings around the house but owned at least a potato, cabbage
and oat field around the village. The Cottager had only a small plot
around his house and was most likely employed elsewhere. They were all
propertied and paid taxes on their real estate, therefore, they were written
up in the census of 1651 called the Berni Rula.


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> Can anyone tell me what the term Cottager means-was he a land owner?
> Thank you. Rose
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