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From: "Aida Kraus" <>
Subject: Klattau
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 12:24:36 -0700

If you should find yourself at a "dead end" while researching your ancestors from the Klattau, Luditz and Rakonitz farm area, perhaps you will find your family name among those that went from there to Wolfsberg which is in the OTHER Erzgebirge on the Border of Banat and Siebenb├╝rgen now Romania. Their location is on the very last tail of the Carpathian Alps. Although these two Erzegebirge are very far apart, they still were within their common country Austria Hungary. We do not know why they moved from Bohemia to the Banat, but it was known that the weather there was much kinder than in their homeland and this was important for a farming community. I would compare the movement to that of our Western Pioneers on this continent. Large groups of Bohemians, Germans and Czechs (as you can see by their names) went there to settle with the already present German Donauschwaben. Here are some delightful illustrations of their country life. These are rural farm people and their !
life probably was much like that at their farm villages in Bohemia, however they took over the dress and some customs (braiding of hair for instance) of the already settled Donauschwaben. Their life, as depicted here, has nothing to do with city life in either Bohemian or Banater cities, because a more worldly life can be found in Temeswar or Hermannstadt, just like in any other larger towns of everywhere. You can see by some of the titles that our dialect from the German Bohemian Homeland is still in use there to this day. Many of the original settlers have remained there and are bilingual. The Romanian language is related to all Latin languages, stemming from the Romans who had settled there in ancient times.
Below are several links for you to browse --- there are incredibly many photos --- unfortunately, the text is in the German language only, but the pictures and the name registers will be self explanatory. Don't miss the skiing pictures! They are priceless and of quite another era!


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