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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Dates
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 07:31:29 -0400
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Jean: Look at the logic and look for backup data. If in the first 12 days of
a month, could the month and day be transposed? IE, 3/12/98, vs. 12/3/98.
Death certs are the weakest, as the individual has no say in the date. Is
there naturalization papers and ships manifest? Bohemian christenings?

In the end, settle on one date set and move on. Keep the other findings in
your notes.

Frank Slocum

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Subject: [GERMAN-BOHEMIAN] Dates

> Hi List; I have a problem I now have three different birth
> dates my grandfather, also have three different immigration dates where do
> I go from here?
> Jean in Fl
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