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In 1866 there was an upheaval in Austria Hungary called "Ausgleich" where
the ruling class had to give more rights to their multifaceted ethnic
populations . Austria Hungary encompassed: Austrians, Czechs, Poles,
Hungarians, Rumanians, Serbs, Slovaks, Slovenians, Croatians, Italians,
Tyroleans, Galicians, and Ukranians. At that time the Slavic groups combined
in a new political movement called "Panslavism" and were a large group
seeking recognition. Quite often they were the servants to the ruling
nobility or to some rich German industrialists who employed them and - quite
understandably - they were seeking opportunities for education and receiving
respect in their own rights.
Those Bohemians, who felt "German," but lived in predominantly mixed
populated areas, which I believe Kasejovice was, they preferred to leave
their homeland because trouble was brewing. Actually, it is hard to say if a
Bohemian is either ethnically Czech or German just by their surnames, Rose,
they can have Czech names and be German and they can have German names and
are Czechs. The mixing happened over at least 800 centuries and the names
were retained while the ethnic upbringing in a family changed with the trend
of time.
Perhaps your ancestors had relatives here in America and felt that
tobacco was a new economic opportunity for them? Well who knows. But in
leaving, my dear Rose, they actually spared you a lot of grief during 2
world wars that carried with them terrible long periods of hunger,
sickness, political unrests, and loss of lives ... and in the end they would
have lost their homeland anyway. Everybody was a loser in WW2. In our
common homeland the Germans lost their possessions to the Czechs, and the
Czech lost theirs to the Communists. So you see, it was a blessing that you
were born and raised here in America thanks to the foresight of your


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> Aida: I have read many of your posts and I thank you so much for your
> information on the "burgess" and furriers. Since they sound like they were
> very well off why would they immigate to the US (1870).? They came here to
> NY and were Cigarmakers as many of other Boehmians? Thank you, Rose
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