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From: "Vera Beljakova" <>
Subject: [GV] translating Census
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 13:32:18 +0200

Translating census etc, is usually done by a
person knowlegable in old Russian scripts -
sometimes I can and sometimes I can't read them, depending on
the individual's handwriting...some clerks had copperplate (which I
can read easily) and some had a semi-literate scrawl (which I can't read).
to do a good job one needs to know old Russia, old German well as
well as being able to read scripts (3 areas of expertise needed)  -
the trick is to be able to transliterate in and out of Russian / German / and
back again.

"Hermann Hahn" can end up as < German Khan or Gan >

"Kholyne" can end up a "Colin" or even "Kohline"


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