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From: Susan Freier <>
Subject: Re: [GV] GER-VOLGA Digest, Vol 3, Issue 372 "Mr. Hugh Lichtenwald"
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 13:45:25 -0600
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Dear Mr. Lichtenwald,

I, sincerely, THANK YOU, for sending me your translations in a personal
e-mail! They DO come into my e-mail program without all of the
???????????? and ? ? ?. I will still look into the different options
on my e-mail programs, as suggested, to see if I can get the GER-VOLGA
Digest to come in with out them, but I really appreciate you taking the
extra time to send it to me. My Grandmother was born in Russia,
somewhere along the Volga (I have yet to discover where). Her parents
came to America between 1903 and 1905, but there must have been some
hard times before then, as well. My Grandmother would not talk about
any of it, to her own children, let alone her grandchildren. Just
before she passed away in 1986, she made her children promise to put in
her Obituary, that she had been born in Wisconsin. So, as I read your
translations, I can understand why my Grandmother would not want to talk
of such things, or worse. It has opened my eyes to a lot of what the
German people endured. With or without all of the ??????? in them. I
never would have understood any type of reasoning my Grandmother had for
not telling her children where in Russia she was born, or what her life
was like over there, etc., without the translations, all of my life.
So, again, I, SINCERELY, THANK YOU!! Susan Freier


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Message: 6
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 11:41:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: hugh lichtenwald <>
Subject: [GV] Die Welt-Post, June 22, 1922 (Messer)
To: , Bill Doos <>,Susan Frier
<>, Susan Nakaji <>,Ruth
Schultz <>, Marilyn Stout <>,
Dennis Zitterkopf <>
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Hallo List, Dennis, Ruth, Susan N., Susan F., Bill and Marilyn:
The aforementioned 6 folks are having trouble with the translations that are forwarded by the GR-List so I'm adding them as action addressees. They will be getting 2 copies, 1 full of question marks from the list and 1 (hopefully in good shape) directly from me. If anyone else is having the ??????????? problem, please let me know and I'll add you to the address group for a direct copy.
The following article is translated to the best of my ability:
???????????????????????????????????????? ---------------------------------------
Page 2, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, June 22, 1922.
Letters from the Colony of Messer, in Russia.
Preface: Several months ago I wrote a letter to Heinrich Franz Lorenz, son of Johannes Lorenz, and later another one to Jacob, son of uncle Christopf Lorenz, in Messer, in order to find out who was still alive from the different branches of the Lorenz family. Before I had an answer from them I sent a "Food Draft" to Heinrich Franz and also to Jacob. I also gave them the names and addresses of the sons of Heinrich Peter and Johann Jacob Lorenz who emigrated to America 16 years ago and are still alive. The following are some of their letters, word for word and unedited.
?????????????????????????????????????????????? F. Lorenz
Messer, March 1, 1922
To you, dear brothers Heinrich Peter, Heinrich, Friedrich and Jacob (sons of the deceased Heinrich Peter Lorenz); Peter, Johannes and Friedrich: (sons of the deceased Johann Jacob Lorenz)
? At long last we have finally received word that all of you are still alive. I, Heinrich Franz, your only living sibling, am overjoyed that my nearly forgetten brothers are asking about me and offer to assist me. Further, my family are all here with me, except for my son Heinrich, who you met in America, who died on February 1, 1922. (about 10 years ago he came to Denver without his family, worked there for 2 years, earned quite a lot of money and went back again. I became acquainted with him on a trip to Denver--J. F. L.). So I am again alone in this terribly famine stricken country with the children. My family consists of 15 souls.
? Ach! We have already suffered with hunger and now must suffer even more! Our clothing is all gone, everything traded for food. But now, dear brother, I know not how I am to continue living. The livestock have already all been slaughtered and eaten. In addition to the livestock, we have lived so far on Carrots, Pumpkins and Linseed cakes, etc. We would still be doing so, but now they are also in short supply. Already half of the village has died,so terrible is the emergency. Therefore, I turn to you, dear brother, help me where you can, perhaps you can save us from a terrible death by starvation. Already some people here have received foodstuffs that need no preservation, otherwise the food would spoil before it arrived.
? If you could and would help us, do not hesitate for a minute and tell all of the Lorenz's.
? To close, all friends are greeted by me, your half-brother,
??????????????????????????????????????? Heinrich Franz Lorenz
???????????????????????????????????????? ---------------------------------------
Messer, the 5th of March---
Dear Half-brother Friedrich:
? With eyes full of tears and a heart full of misery, I write you again to say that I received your letter of 16 February with great joy and from it I see that you have taken pity on me even though you didn't know if I were dead or still alive. We thought we would not be remembered and that all hope was lost. Once again there is a ray of hope and comfort in our hearts. Only one could not make it through (his son Heinrich--editor) and was called up into heaven where he certainly is better off. Ach! We also would gladly have died; but now we must be tormented by terrible hunger. Is this intolerable agony not going to soon end? Oh, dear friend, how hard it is that one with a healthy heart must dry up and wither away.
? I will put this aside and continue, although one cannot adequately describe everthing the way it is.
? We have not yet received the food you sent to us. It lies in Saratov where it must remain until the spring thaw because I now have no more horses. After the thaw it will be sent on the Volga to Schilling where we will go on foot to pick it up. (a stretch of some 30 Versts--editor). A horse here costs 5 Pud of food.
? Pastor Wagner has been here with us in Messer, held church services, and passed your greetings on to us, which pleased us very much. Dear Friend! I beg you, help me only a bit more but do not make things too hard for yourself. We will gladly work our entire life to repay you, if only we are saved.
????????????????????????????????????????????? With cordial greetings,
????????????????????????????????????????????? Heinrich Franz Lorenz
Postscript: Dear Cousin:
? I, the 4th son of my deceased father Heinrich Lorenz, ask only that you send me the Welt-Post so that I can read about your work. Oh, how happy I would be to be in America with you because I have no Papa here. I am 17 years old.
????????????????????????????????????????????? Yours, your loving,
?????????????????????????????????????????????? Alexander
???????????????????????????????????????????????? ---------------------------
Messer, 28 March--
Dear Cousin Friedrich:
? We received and read with great joy your letter of 6 February. It was written to my beloved father who died on 2 February. It was unbearably painful for us.
? From your letter we saw that you sent us food, which brought courage to our forlorn hearts again. We gathered together, prayed and cried bitter tears because today we put together the last of our clothing in order to trade them for food that will allow us another week of life. Oh, dear cousin, how terrible it is to suffer from hunger. Nearly half the village has died.
Viele, viele deutsche Br?der
Schlossen ihre Augenlieder
In der grossen Hungersnot,
Mancher Vater starb vor Hunger
Und die Mutter blieb mit Kummer
Mit den Kindern all zur?ck.
Pferde, Hunde, die schon r?gen,
M?ssen in der Not gen?gen:
Weil wir keine Rettung wissen,
M?ssen wir auch das geniessen.
Br?der, Schwestern in der Ferne,
H?ret unser Elend an:
Losst den Hilfsruf nicht verhallen,
Helfet nur, wer helfen kann.
Unsere Glieder sind ermattet,
Dass wir nicht bei Kr?ften sind
Unsere Toten wegzubringen,
Wie es sich f?r Christen ziemt.
Ganze Strassen ausgestorben,
Manche H?user sind ganz leer.
Wo man einst in Abenstunden
H?rte sch?nen Jungenchor.
? And now everything is so calm and quiet! Ach, it would take a whole day's work if one wanted to write about everything.
? Dear cousin Friedrich! We are now still 15 souls. We are 5 brothers, a sister, grandfather (Heinrich Franz) and grandmother. My two oldest brothers, Heinrich and Jacob are married and both have two children. The third son, Friedrich, is serving in the Army. I am the fourth son. I work in the factory and am a shipping clerk. We are all still together and work industriously, but even so, we cannot afford the price of food.
? Dear Cousin! We say many thanks to you for the gifts you have already sent and beg you and all of our friends to do everything within you power to keep us from starving. We are now writing to everyone that we have an address for, for assistance. We had to slaughter and eat all of our livestock and our clothing is also gone. We would be plowing but we have no horses anymore. It is said that we will be given seeds.
? Pastor Wagner from your city has been here twice and passed on your greetings to us Lorenz's. He praised you in the church and we were very proud. But Mr. Gustav F. Berschorner has not yet been here.
? Of the old folks, Franz and Peter Lorenz have died. The only one of the older folks left living is my grandfather Heinrich Franz Lorenz. About Friedrich and Heinrich Lorenz we have nothing certain to report except that they are in America. We ask you to write back immediately. May the good Lord grant you health and bless your work.
? Our house number is 205.
??????????????????? I cordially greet you all,
?????????????????? Alexander Lorenz
????????????????????????????????????????? ------------------------------------
The above letters are verbatum, exactly as we received them into our hands, with the exception of incidental remarks of explanation. Also the poem written by the letter writer Aleander Lorenz------------Editor
??????????????????????????????????????????????? ---------------------------------------
Hugh Lichtenwald, from the farm in Monetta, SC


End of GER-VOLGA Digest, Vol 3, Issue 372

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