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From: hugh lichtenwald <>
Subject: [GV] Die Welt-Post, Sep. 1, 1932(Unknown village, surnames: Hahn,Brehm, Krieger, Spady)
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 07:51:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hallo List:
The following article is translated to the best of my ability.
Page 2, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, September 1, 1932
Mr. Johannes Brehm, 856 Y Street, Nebraska, received the following letter from the old homeland:
Written the 27th of July 1932---
Dear Brother Johannes and Kath. Lies.:
  We here are all sick and suffering from hunger. I can still walk a little but I am completely swollen and don't know whether I will still be alive when this letter comes into your hands. Hunger has made all of us weak and we are not strong enough to do anything. However, we wish you the best of health and hope that you are not overtaken by such a fate.
  On 27 July we received your package with the food which, sadly, we had to give up. We had already borrowed food from friends who had gotten som from America and now had to give it back, therefore we now have nothing more for ourselves.
  The farmers are again in danger of having all the fruits of their labors taken from them by the government.
  It was such a long time until we received your package that we feared it had been lost. If you send us something again, send only a check which we can exchange in Saratov for food. For Dollars which we receive we do  not get so much food. The last time we got 26 Kilos of Flour, 4 Kilos of Rice, 2 Kilos Oil and 100 Gramms of Tea. Dear cousin Hannes, help us, please, as long as you can, or we shall all be lost. Also tell our other friends, if only each would give a couple of Dollars a month it would help us very much. Get everyone together, like in 1922, we know we have many friends in America.
  You write that you could better help us if we were there with you; how glad we would be to come if it were possible.
  Jacob, who left us, would be happy to help if he had a horse. Now we want to ask you if you could send him some money so that he can buy a horse.
  We had a letter from Liesbeth, in which she told us that they would help us so that we wouldn't starve, but we have waited day and night here and nothing has come, neither a letter nor food and we will probably starve. It is sad that one's own children, who have grown children of their own who can work, forget their old parents while a brother has already sent 3 food packets.
  Send us writing paper and envelopes and accept the cordial greetings of your brother-in-law and sister,
                                     Heinrich and Kath. Hahn
(The daughters of this family are: Mrs. Kath. Elis. Krieger, nee Hahn, and Mrs. Elisabeth Spady, nee Hahn, both living in Sarndal, Washington.----editor)
Hugh Lichtenwald, from the farm in Monetta, SC
VC Wiesenmueller

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