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From: "Vera Beljakova" <>
Subject: [GV] no problem / pesky display of ? in RootsWeb messages
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 20:59:13 +0200

Hi All,
the ???? are non-decoded Cyrillic letters, and since my PC is set up to read Cyrillic
and I also get them, it means that the PC between Hugh's send-off and your reception was not set up to decode and transmit.... not your fault and not th fault of your PC. 

Vera Beljakova-Miller

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 From:Dennis Zitterkopf
 Sent:Saturday, September 13, 2008 22:43
 To: ;
 Subject:[GV] pesky display of ? in RootsWeb messages

I continue to be plagued with a series of ?????? and ? ? in all of the
translations being posted by Hugh Lichtenwald (see below). He and I have
concluded it is something to do with my (Compac) laptop's interaction with
RootsWeb because we can exchange similar material with none of the ? being

Is anyone else having the same problem? If No, do any of you have some
suggestions I should try to end this? Hugh has told me a string of closely
packed ? is where he has a series of space bar operations, and separate but
spaced ? indicate a hard Return in the material. I'm hoping one or more of
you will help me solve this annoying problem. Thank
(example of what I receive is below)

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 06:38:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: hugh lichtenwald
Subject: [GV] Die Welt-Post, June 22, 1922 (Schoenfeld)
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Hallo List:
The following article is translated to the best of my ability. ? ?
????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ----------------------
? Page 5, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, June 22, 1922 ? A Call for Help from the
Colony of Schoenfeld ? ? The letter below, from the Colony of Schoenfeld,
was forwarded to us by the Volga German Society in Berlin. It describes the
situation of this colony as most dark. Concerning the last food transport
which arrived in March at Saratov, only some private shipments from our
always helpful countryman Peter Brack, were intended for Schoenfeld. The
entire area could not be considered since the means provided by the Society
were insufficient to provide meaningful support to all the colonies. This
letter also shows how urgent it is for the members of each colony now here
in America,?to come together in common cause and provide assistance.
?????????????????????????????????????????????? --------------------------- ?
Schoenfeld, the 5th of March 1922 To the Volga German Society and the German
Red Cross ? ? The great joy which came to me and my loved ones yesterday,
prompts me to pass on to you, my dear fellow brethren, the message that I
took receipt of the food mailed to me from the above mentioned Society by
Pastor Peter Brack with the most honorable assistance of the German Red
Cross, at the train station in Urbach from Mr. Friedrich d. Fr. Loresch, and
I bespeak hereby my most cordial thanks for all the trouble the Society and
the Red Cross went to to ensure that I be released, after long suffering,
from the hunger which plays such a large role in the daily lives of the
people in our region. ? I personally cannot repay this inestimable
assistance but I am certain in my confidence and faith that the good Lord
will plentifully bless you.
? My dear brethren, although I and my family have been aided with this gift,
in this situation of deep emergency, nevertheless my heart still bleeds and
my eyes fill with tears when I see the hunger, suffering and misery of the
people. ? I and my friend A. B. dared to put together some facts about the
emergency which dominates us here and to make ourselves responsible to God
to truthfully bring these?facts into the light. My dear Sirs, famine lingers
with us here in Schoenfeld so that one finds neither dogs nor cats, they
have already nearly all been eaten. The Famine has brought us to the point
where raw materials, for example; Hides of dead livestock, tanned leather,
even such things which, in former times, would not have been fed to a pig.
The famine is so great that it couldn't possibly get any larger. We however,
standing in its midst and observing with open eyes, see that the famine is
yet growing and gradually our entire people, our brethren, are being
snatched up by it. On this account we dare to ask that you take this
situation to heart and come to our community of Schoenfeld with beneficial
aid against it and to finally pull us out of the suffering, i.e., the
community of Schoenfeld. ? We write this letter as servants of the Lord,
may it be taken to a place where our plea will bear rich fruit. ? We remain
full of hope and grateful for everything good. ?
?????????????????????????????????????????? Johannes Georgev. Wittig
??????????????????????????????????????? ----------------------------------
? All Schoenfelders in America are most earnestly asked?to organize a
collection for their village members and send the results to the Verein der
Wolgadeutschen, Berlin, R.W., Schloss Bellevue in order to purchase food for
the colony of Schoenfeld which will then be immediately sent on the next
scheduled transport. ? ????????????????????????????????????? Verein der
Wolgadeutschen E. B. ????????????????????????????????????? Berlin RW. 52,
Schloss Bellevue ? ??????????????????????????????????????
Hugh Lichtenwald, from the farm in Monetta, SC

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