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From: hugh lichtenwald <>
Subject: [GV] Die Welt-Post, March 23, 1922, (Walter Chutor)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 07:53:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hallo List:
The following article is translated to the best of my ability.
Page 5, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, March 23, 1922
Walter Chutor:
  Mr. Georg Krening in Loveland, Colorado, received a letter from his brother Conrad Krening in Walter Chutor which was written November 15th.
  He writes: "Since the outbreak of the war it has been like the sun going down on a bright day. I had to go into the military and was a whole year at the Caucusus Front. Finally I was released and on the way home I got so sick with Typhoid Fever that for a long time I could not walk."
  Three of his children have died, four are still alive. Their brother Heinrich is blind and very poor.
  His children have no shoes and go about nearly naked. Because of the bread shortage, last summer they slaughtered all the sheep, down to the last one. Since then they have been slaughtering dead horses, cattle and sheep. They ask for assistance and would also gladly emigrate to America and have enough money to leave Russia, but what then? They ask for the necessary information.
  They greet all of their relatives in America and request help from them.
  Postscript: The sender, Mr. Georg Krening says that it is so cold in Colorado, "that one is nearly always carrying a coal bucket and tending the fire."

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