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From: hugh lichtenwald <>
Subject: [GV] Die Welt-Post, May 11, 1922 (Frank)
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 08:20:34 -0700 (PDT)

Hallo List:
The following article is translated to the best of my ability.
Page 2, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, May 11, 1922
>From Washington
Odessa, Washinton, April 17, 1922
  We have put another Easter behind us and we are reminded of the greatest gift God has given us. With this gift he plentifully gives us our daily bread. Back in the old homeland in Russia, misery and suffering prevail because the people have nothing to eat!
  On March 26th, I received a cablegram from Russia with the following contents:
Frank, Russia
To: John Kister, Odessa, Washington.
Still alive. Father and mother-in-law died. Send Food. The emergency is great. Hoping for letters and a telegraphic anser.
                                  Brother Jacob Kister
  My father, Johannes Kister, died on August 29, 1921, at the age of 83. My mother-in-law, Marilisbeth Butherus, died in 1920 at the age of 91. Thus both exceeded the biblical age of 80 years. In truth they could confirm: If it was precious, it was also a lot of trouble and work.
  I have already received 4 letters saying that the misery is indescribable. Everything in this world is uncertain.
  Respectfully, your Welt-Post reader,
                                            Johannes Kister
Hugh Lichtenwald, from the farm in Monetta, SC

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