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From: hugh lichtenwald <>
Subject: [GV] Die Welt-Post, August 24, 1922 (Saratov)
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 10:52:16 -0700 (PDT)

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The following Article is translated to the best of my ability.


Page 2, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, August 24, 1922

To the National Lutheran Council:

In my voluntary service to the starving Lutherans of the Volga region I am often in the situation, as an advocate, of calling upon Rev. A.C. Ernst for advice and asistance. I have now had extensive experience in observing his exhaustive and richly blessed workings.
My heart and conscience require me to turn and recount to you brothers in faith in America, whose brotherly love in favoring and so richly serving the downtrodden people, some of the activities of your representative.
Unfortunately however, I do not have a command of the language of your country. I ask that the National Lutheran Council, if they would be so kind, to publish the following lines in the proper newspaper organs.
We praise the grace and goodness of God who has guided the hearts and minds of the determined fellow believers and sent to us her this representative Pastor Ernst who not only has all the extraordinary capabilities and good will that one could possibly wish for from such a worker, but also what is of special importance and consequence, he also speaks the language of our people.
As soon as Pastor Ernst and Dr. Morehead arrived in Saratov he called all the preachers in the colonies into a conference in which he formed a bond with them and the next spring, with and through them, also bonded with our people.
Since then he has been actively at work here. All kinds of people come to him daily from the colonies with different requests and emergencies. He is accessible to everyone and ready to serve. And nobody goes away from him dissatisfied. He gives good advice and everyone knows him and that wherever he possibly can, he provides outside assistance and aid far beyond his powers as a public representative of the National Lutheran Council. The fact that he does so is of double value for us.
It is well known what a difficult task it is to show brotherly love without injuring the feelings, -- the self esteem of the recipients; and it is also important to render the assistance in such a way as it is seen as a blessing instead of something shameful and perhaps causing damage.
For this circumspection, character and knowledge of human nature are necessary. These characteristics your representative has been given in great abundance by Divine Providence. Thus he succeeds in distributing the donations, food and clothing provided by you and truly distributes them to those who are most deserving and has provided much brotherly assistance to our church.
We wholeheartedly ask God to richly bless his servant and repay him a hundred and a thousand times for what he has done for our oppressed and afflicted people.

Saratov, May 3, 1922
Sinner, University Docent


Hugh Lichtenwald, from the farm in Monetta, SC

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