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From: Victor W Heinitz <>
Subject: Re: [GV] Defending Marriage
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 18:19:45 -0600

It has been a long time since I first learned that it took a man and a
woman to beget me, and, as I understand the law of reproduction, it was a
man and a woman who begat each of you out there. And isn't that a
fantastic plan God had to provide bodies for all of those spirits he
created? Enjoy your life fully. Same sex marriage has no reward.
And such a union has no need for genealogy research. Thus, God will
judge whom He will! Thank you, you who are interested in and are doing
your genealogy and proving that life is a FAMILY matter.

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 10:51:58 -0700 (PDT) ColumbusGuy
<> writes:
> This marriage post is SPAM, plain and simple. The argument that
> would allow such posts, because otherwise would be suppression,,,
> this argument would also support any and every posting imaginable,
> including posts about the KKK, presidential elections, taxing of the
> poor, Paris Hilton's sex tapes, grandpa's hemroid surgery, you name
> it. I don't care if they did or did NOT share any opinion on the
> matter; the post here was COMPLETELY inappropriate and should NOT be
> tolerated. I'm sure if you read the rules of this group, it would
> (or should) state the criteria for posting in this group, and it
> would not include post about political marriage issues in the USA.
> Don't kid yourself; this USA marriage issue has NOTHING to do with
> genealogy and certainly has nothing to do with Germany, Russia or
> the Volga!!
> I came to this list solely for the purpose of genealogical info
> related to Germans, Russia AND the Volga region. If you want to
> post on other subjects, there probably are groups related to those
> subjects; post there.
> wrote:
> We come to this forum for Genealogy information...not to have
> someone
> publicize political opinions and to use this as a place to post
> links to
> political sites. I imagine most people here would give a loud hurrah
> if
> you kept your political activism elsewhere.
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