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From: Vera Beljakova <>
Subject: [GV] Volga migrations & nabour movement
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 21:22:24 +0200

> I thank Patrice, Sergej, and Vera for providing information on
> formation of Michaelsdorf.

I wasn't writing about Michaelsdorf specifically,
but rather to demonstrate that from as early as 1785,
the Russian state orchestrated through decrees and manifestoes
the movement of colonists from unfertile colonies to other
regions (Volga to Caucasus) , and later, when overpopulation
became rampant in European (Western) Russia, grants lured
the landless to establish new daughter colonies in Siberria, Central
Asia and other border regions.

+ Plus, of course, as Sergej wrote, the movement of labour became
quite brisk during Russian industrialisation > the Oil Fields of the
Caucasus, spefically Baku, and the jobs on the railways.
Saratov city and neighbouring towns also took up their portions of
labourers to work in the factories, quarries, river fleets, mills.

Many children who were sent off to school and for higher education,
never returned to the villages. Their skills were now tradable
in the booming economy.

Vera Beljakova-Miller

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