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From: "Horst W. Gutsche" <>
Subject: [GV] Volga Germans in Tarutino in 1921
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 06:20:16 -0700

?Mr. & Mrs. Bisle who wrote/compiled the Tarutino book published in 1996
sent me the
following information on Volga Germans who had settled there in 1921. -
Horst W. Gutsche

Volga Germans

In 1921, 33 Volga Germans after having been refugees from the Volga going
westward and
having been traveling for a year, found a place to stay in the school on the
middle street in
Tarutino, Bessarabia.

The following information was given by Irma Eisenach nee Heier who was born
in 1921 in
Brockhausen on the Volga and after a flight of a year's duration arrived in
Tarutino with her
parents and grandparents as a one-year-old baby.

Her address in February 2003: Irma (nee Heier) Eisenach, Andreestrasse 16, D
28215 Bremen,

The parents of Irma Heier:
The father of Irma Heier and her parents and grandparents:

1. Alexander Heier, (father) born 1897 in Brockhausen (usually called
2. Maria nee Schäfer (mother) born 21.1. 1904
3. The parents of the first set of grandparents of Irma Heier:
4. Daniel Heier born 1863 in Brockhausen and
5. Katharina Margarete nee Barth, born in Paulskoj/Volga

The Schäfer family: the mother of Irma Heier:
6. Maria nee Schäfer, born on 21.1. 1904
7. The parents of (#6) Maria Schäfer nee Schulz and Jakob Schaefer
8. The parents of Maria Schulz (#7): were Christian Schulz and
9. her mother Beate nee Ertel
10. The parents of Christian Schulz (#8) were:
11. Friedrich Schulz and Elisabeth nee Spindler

Grandfather Jakob Schäfer had one brother Alexander, who emigrated in 1920
to America and
who is supposed to have had a son about 1925 whose name was Harald. Re.
Jakob Schäfer (#7):
He was a trained carpenter but could also completely craft accordions and
stringed instruments
and could repair church organs. He repaired and cleaned- reconditioned
church organs in
Tarutino and in other villages in Bessarabia.

1921: the names of the 33 refugees who came from the Volga to Tarutino,
Bessarabia, Romania
and found a place to stay there.

1. The Heier family (Alexander, Maria, Irma)
2. The Schäfer family: 4 individuals
(the Schäfer family is supposed to have emigrated from Darmstadt in Germany
to the Volga in
the 18th century.)
3. The Krimmel family: 7 individuals, they originated from the village of
"Schulz" on the Volga
4. The Steigerwald family: 4 individuals (husband and wife and two
5. Another groups of 6 individuals from Krasnojar/Volga, among whom were
four sons and
whose grandfather died while fleeing to Tarutino.
6. Gottlieb Gerner
7. Anna Horn and one little child (son Hans) from Krasnojar

Of the refugees who arrived in 1921, the following are still alive as of
February 28, 2003:

1. Emilie Auel nee Krimmel, widow Richter and
2. Hans Auel (son of Anna Horn). #1 and #2 are married to each other.
3. Irma Eisenach nee Heier, Andreestrasse 16, D - 28215 Bremen, Germany

Hans and Emilie Aul, Schelmenäcker 24/4, D - 74427 Fichtenberg, Germany keep
up contact
with relatives in the United States.

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