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Subject: [GV] Re: Saratov Archives
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:02:24 Africa/Johannesburg

> Vera,
> For those of us from the Bergseite -[ records being at the Saratov
> Archives ] - could you obtain and post a list of the restoration needs
> there as well? I have already sent my pledge to Ken.
> The list might free up some additional contributions from those whose
> village records are threatened...... I'm sure that was the thought
> behind your list for the Weisenseite records at the Engels. Good work.
> I hope it is productive.
> Jayne

Thank you Jayne,

I was not in charge (I did not give myself the task) of obtaining a list
of threatened books from the Bergseite, because I am not in
correspondence with the Director of the Saratov Archives -
but now that you mention it - I'll do my best to obtain a list in the
next new days......I can only ask, and pass on the info.....

I asked the Engels archives for a list of their threatened books, simply
because I started the "Friends of the Engels Archives" and I consider that
it is my repsonsibility to do the follow-through.

But - isn't Norka on the Bergseite and seems to lodge at Engels' ?
unless Engels did a composite list of all threated books ?

Russians work in mysterious ways, including archiving.


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