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From: Patrice Miller <>
Subject: [GV] Friends of the Volga Archives
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 23:45:13 -0700

Good News! It looks like Ken Stugart will definitely be going to Russia
in May to visit the Volga Archives and his cousin Victor Stuckert. Ken
just got word that his visa is coming through. There was some sort of
delay and uncertainty about his trip but it has been resolved.

It has come to my attention by both Ken Stugart and Dr. Alfred Eisfeld's
AHSGR presentation that many of the genealogical books, (census and
church books) in the Volga archives (Engels & Saratov) are in need of
restoration. Without restoration some books are "sealed" and cannot be
used for research or they will deteriorate. I have documented much of
this information on the Volga web site.

It is costly for the archives to buy the special supplies, special
papers, glues etc. to preserve the books. I would like to propose that
we create another "Friends of the Volga Archives" on the German Volga
mail list to donate money toward the preservation of the books. Two
years ago the Friends of the Archives donated a badly need computer to
the Engels Archive.

I believe we can help to preserve many of our village books for future

This will probably be Ken's last trip to Russia, and perhaps one of our
last opportunities to get money to the archives without having to go
thorough uncertain channels. Ken has agreed to be our treasurer &
delivery person once again. His cousin Victor works for the German
Consulate in Russia and will once again assist Ken in visiting the

If you would like to help preserve our Volga German census and church
books in the archives,
please send an email directly to Ken Stugart at stating:

1. Which village books you would like to see preserved, you can list the
villages by priority.
2. The amount of money you will be mailing to him.

Then send Ken a check made out to Volga Archives. He has set up a
separate account for just this purpose. Ken's address is:

Ken Stugart
4788 Candleberry Ave.
Seal Beach, CA 90740

Even if all the money in the mail does not reach Ken before he leaves
for Russia, he will give that full amount of money to the archives
knowing the money is on the way. So please, if you commit to a donation,
please send the money, or Ken will end up short.

At this point in time, we do not have a list of which villages books
need restoration. So there are no guarantees that the money will be used
only for your village. All we can do is request that they check to see
if your village(s) books need restoration. If they are all in adequate
shape, then the money will be used for other Volga German church or
census books.

We truly don't know the cost of restoration of a "average sized book"
although we can make an educated guess. When Ken was last in Russia he
donated $100 for the restoration of the 1834 census book Yagodnaya
Polyana. This book was large, in fact you can see the before and after
on the web site (under the Saratov section). The restored book became 5
books. Apparently money was left over to restore a couple of other small
books which they did. So my guess is that an average sized book would
cost about $25, and a large book would cost about $50. I would assume
that larger villages have larger books and that church books would have
a lot more entries than a census so in general church books would be
larger than census books.

I will be donating even though I think all my village books are either
in adequate shape or have been restored. I want to help insure that
every Volga German book in the archives is preserved for future
generations. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to make a

Also feel free to pass this email onto others who may be interested but
are not subscribers to the German Volga mail list.

Patrice Miller
A Friend of the Volga Archives

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