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From: Patrice Miller <>
Subject: Re: [GV] Budingen marriage records
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 22:34:53 -0700
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This has been discussed on the German Volga Mail list before. The
archives for the German Volga mail list can be found at:
click on the Search the GER-VOLGA archives link at the bottom of the
page to search for more references to the Budingen marriage records.

I am cutting and pasting a summary below from a prior message, it
answers your question.

Patrice Miller


>There were numerous gathering places in Germany in which the marriage
> and baptism records were kept including Büdingen, Danzig, Lübeck,
> Hessen, Schmidt. For various reasons the colonists stay in those cities
> was prolonged while they waited to immigrate to Russia (frozen rivers,
> not enough money, not enough room on ships etc.). During these longs
> stays there were baptisms but mainly weddings. Even though places from
> where they emigrated from were not given, many of these names point to
> the regions of origin.
> AHSGR has these lists in German and will make photocopies. I do not know
> the status of the translation of some of these lists by Brent Mai.
> Luebeck, was one of the cities that was a gathering place for people
> emigrating to Russia.
> LUBECK MARRIAGES have been indexed at the Odessa Digital Library.
> I don't believe the Budingen index is on the internet although an
> article Budingen marriages (but not an index) it is in the AHSGR Journal
> 3-1, spring 1980.

> Hi
> Does anyone know of the Budingen marriage records and if they can be found on
> line?
> Thank you
> Eve

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