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Subject: Re: [GV] re: Russian/French word gouvernement
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 08:13:36 Africa/Johannesburg

Dear Horst,

the old-fashioned word "gouvernment" is the same as the Russian "Gubernia".
It is not an area or region, but in modern English it is a
Province (using European concept of province), which is an administrative
area with local government.

Russia was one country, and Catherine the Great, to rule and administer for
proficiently, divided up her empire intp 84 (64?) "gubernias", each with a

Europeans would not use the American word "state" as "state" to
us still means a sovereign country...the State of Israel, for example.

Also "states" in German context means "Laender" which were ruled
independently, but souvereign princes, who were not under the rule
of a king.

"Area" is too vague, "region" can be geographic...
eg "the Volga Region"......

Today Gubernia is "Oblast" in Russian.


> Would the Russian word gouvernement be translated to province or state here
> in North America?
> Your suggestions would be appreciated as I have, in the past, translated it
> into: area, province and region.
> Best wishes,
> Horst

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