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Subject: [GV] Grt stuff // Geschichte der Russlanddeutschen - new pages added
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 23:16:37 Africa/Johannesburg

> Geschichte der Russlanddeutschen, developed by Die Linde e.V, Berlin,
> Germany
> Has had a new section to the website in the German language only:
> "Erfolge und Konflikte"
> The website for Die Linde e.V. is:
> I will be meeting with staff of Die Linde on 10 June 2002 in Berlin,
> Germany, to review futher plans for development of the website for
> "Geschichte der Russlanddeutschen" for English text and cooperative web
> development.
> Michael
> Michael M. Miller, Bibliographer

This is really very very good and even if you cannot read German, please
go through it page by page as there are lots of pictures as well.

For me the bonus was:

Bernard von Platen's "epic poem" on the journey from Germany to the Volga,
in 67 verses, in reasonably easy German, with a glossary at the bottom.

Von Platen was a nobleman and an officer in the 7-year war.
By enrolling for Russia, he had hoped to enter into the services of
the German Empress Katherine II, but it was not to be, as she had changed
her colonial policy, and poor Platen was forced to the Volga as a "farmer",
an occupation which he refused, and was thus compelled to become a
village schoolteacher instead.

The poem is about his high hopes and his low woes.

Other good chapters are on the industiralisation of the Wolga and the South,
including milling families, grain traders, production figures etc...

best go to the "Sitemap" (fancy new word for Index) and browse there,

Vera Beljakova-Miller

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