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From: Vera Beljakova <>
Subject: [GV] Engels archive and granary
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 16:11:46 +0200

This seems to be the back entrance (now the main entrance) for the Engels
Note the Loft, where recently the Jacob Dietz manuscript on the History of
the Volga was discovered (now published as a book, edited by Mrs Elizaveta Erina
nd Dr Pleve),
which Rick Rye started to translated while still at AHSGR.. Dietz's surviving
family gave it to the archives in 1926 - and it seemed to have put away and
Probably, it was of no priority to anyone it is considerd one of
the most authoritative history books, as Dietz interviews very old people who
still lived at the beginning of the 1800. Dietz, being a lawyer and a Duma
representative, had very strong views on the GR history. (I've written at
length about him and the book, which can be found at the Ger-Volga rootsweb
letter archive).

*** any news from AHSGR if the book is about to be sent for printing ?
and which translator finished the translation ?

The roof was repaired with fund-raising in Germany, to prevent old manuscripts
from getting damp and rotting.

I'd like to know to which German family (concerns, firm) this granary belonged,
or was it the civic/town granary ?


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